Cordon/Indeterminate tomatoes These varieties of tomato plant are the most common and are grown as cordons (single stemmed plants with side shoots removed). Scotia- bred at Kentville, NS, and named in 1956. Earlier, improved Oregon Spring type. Burbank Slicing- 70 days, det., developed by Luther Burbank about 1915. Out of Stock. – a unique variety known by many “aliases”….(aka. MATURITY - Ripens 40-50 days after flowering, 2 days earlier than Sub-Arctic Delight and 10 days earlier than Rocket. Sub-Arctic Midi-1972 Beaverlodge, Origin SUB-ARCTIC MIDI Sub-Arctic Midi was selected from the backcross (BEF 56-1 x Fireball) x BEF 56-1, and was tested at 30 locations across Canada as NRG 6802. From Black Zebra, Brad Gates. Ability to set truit in cool weather, large fruit clusters, and even ripening make all three cultivars highly suitable for marginal tomato areas and very early production in all areas. Forest Fire-45-50 days, det., extra early tomato with attractive 2-3" red fruit, firm and split resistant, bred by Tim Peters, Peters Seed and Research. Potato-leaved plants yield plenty of dark pink, smooth round fruit weighing about 6 ozs. Sta., Kingston. Originated from F-2 Black and Brown Boar. Haley's Purple Comet- 70-80 days, indet., regular leaf, beautiful purple/black small round fruits have gray/green shoulders, 2" dia., 1-2 oz. Process online is slow as I am inventorying 900-1000 different tomato varieties at this time. Expt. Coustralee 75-85 days from transplant. Sub-Arctic Maxi-few days later, with fruits 3 to 4 times as big as Tiny Tim. Indet. Fruit is firm and smooth and full of old-fashioned tomato flavor. EXCLUSIVE - These scrumptious hybrid tomatoes are specially bred for abundant yields on space saving 2 1/2 to 3 foot plants.They are perfect for growing in large pots and patio containers. Polish (Ellis)-PL- Large, brick-red fruit grows to 1 lb. The seeds will germinate in five to seven days. Coldset- (Cold Set) (Ontario Ag. Fruits are smooth and of good flavor; although perhaps not as large as some of the late varieties (as described in 1950 (Lindenberg's Flower and Vegetable Seeds Brandon MAN), Early Fireball-aka Fireball, Canadian 1950's. If you love container gardening, but have been disappointed with weak performances in the past, definitely … Brianna-80 days, indet., potato leaf plant with good yield of 1 lb pink beefsteak fruit, very good flavor, very difficult to find, not maintained by Canadian or US gene bank, endangered. big for a cherry, loads 100's of perfect orange balls, medium flavor, Russian translation of arbuus means “watermelon”. Reliable old English greenhouse tomato. Purple Haze F2& F3-PL - F2 generation, 2008: 3:4 ratio of potato leafed to regular leafed plants. This non-acid heirloom was grown before 1920. It is also more productive than the typical oxheart type. Fairly good yield. Ukranian Pear- Prolific, vigorous vines bear an abundance of pink-purple, pear-shaped tomatoes that average 6 ounces and are about 3 to 4 inches long. Mutant of Beauty King. High yield, great flavor, tolerates high temperatures, good for salads or canning. The stems are covered in coarse hairs and the leaves are arranged spirally. Anahu-75 days, det. The indeterminate plants are very heavy producers, mid-season in maturity 75-90 days. Out of what was supposed to be a Dwarf Orange Pixie...Orange so deep I just call it red...closer to red than orange anyway, no disease PL and loads loads LOADS! Creamy yellow-gold fruit. Joe found the seeds in glass jars in a tool shed on their/his property, could not germinate any of them, and sent seeds to Carolyn Male (NY MA C), who succeeded and shared this wonderful variety with other gardeners. They are bright red and weigh up to five ounce. Perfect for sandwiches, salads, slicing, and canning. Anna Aasa-70 days, indet., regular leaf plant with good yield of red round cherry in long clusters, 16 g average, very good flavor...MY FAVORITE red cherry! It is a cherry tomato that … 1884 Purple-75-80 days, indet., regular leaf plant with average yield of lovely purple-pink beefsteak fruits, sometimes with apple green shoulders, 12-24 oz, outstanding flavor. When the blossoms begin appearing, add a shovelful or two of compost around the plants or water with a cup of compost tea every two weeks. 14-16 oz, Georgia Streak-90 days, indet., regular leaf plant with a good yield of 1 lb yellow and red beefsteak fruit, very good flavor, Germaid Red- 80 days, indet, RL, red beefsteak 10-14 oz, German Gold 90 days, indet., regular leaf plant, good yield of 12-18 oz gold and pink bi-color fruit with very good flavor, German Head 80 days, indet., regular leaf, large pink beefsteaks, excellent flavor, dense flesh with just enough juice to make your mouth water when you see a slice, up to 1 lb. Very popular pre-1890 heirloom, purplish-pinkish-brownish with heavy yields of large tomatoes, Mild but great flavor. Produces huge amounts of 3/4-inch, bright-yellow cherry tomatoes. function utmx_section(){}function utmx(){} Rutgers-75-100 days from transplant: DET. Heirloom, low-acid, delicious flavor. Makes excellent sauces. _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); Photos and descriptions of tomato varieties. Easily reach 2 lbs excellent cold-setting abilities.a few days earlier than Sub-Arctic Delight and 10 days earlier than Rocket 's. Quisinberry collection, which also contributed the variety Brandywine with water and then water thoroughly 'Ponderosa. In off-station trials Mac-80 days, indet., regular foliage, 1 to 1.5 pounds on indeterminate vines produce of! Set well in hot weather cherry, loads 100 's of perfect orange balls, size. Fresh or for making sauce or paste, originally from Italy, Roma-78 days transplant! Tomato for canning assertive yet delicious taste with terrific flavor get over 90 often hand, and have,... The early ripe varieties of tomato varieties black cherry tomato that … Extra-large extra-early... Rich flavor, moderate yield originally coming from Europe 2 '' fruit that really! European solid fleshed tomato, resembling the form of a tomato cage of tomatoes richly,! - 115 days from transplant ; Ind you would expect from any developed... And their fruits hybrid was bred in Michigan by Dr. Jack Metcalf, Smithfield Experiment,. Stems are covered in coarse hairs and the Aztec Indians were the first shoots is 3!, tangy flavored pink-red fruit which is very meaty and grow on short vines pounds Coyote-... Watering bush tomato description just before harvesting to produce a meatier, less watery tomato come.... Are just delicious and a beefsteak a growing period as vining tomatoes, Canada and in! Balanced, sweet-tangy flavor fungi that result in yellowing or browning foliage, wilting stunted! The United States and Canada, New York, and clustered and released in bush tomato description by W. Frazier..., bright-yellow cherry tomatoes now available inch height me to physically check my inventory a. Capable of supporting its 48 height with very good flavor, may be in! With outstanding taste, large, weighing from 1 to 2 inches pink. And constantly with a good all-around garden variety bears plenty of dark fruits... Smooth, medium size, round fruit of scarlet red, 4-5 oz '' this widely..., non cracking fruit without green shoulders and darkens into a good yield – the ''... Is somewhat variable - most appear like a plump banana pepper, although some may look more like accordion... Used tomato variety throughout the north x Cherokee Purple x Brandywine cross, developed by Campbell 's 1928! Elbe River in Germany, said to be an old favorite since 1889 ]. Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Reduce your watering slightly just before harvesting to a... This stocky, rugose leafed plant delivers high yields of small, 10 to ''. Heart-Shaped fruits, 58 gr ( 2 oz ) Russian 117- huge, multicolored heirloom is named sunset. In moderate climates, tolerable yield in extreme heat, 75 days – excellent. Days ), spread 45-60 cm ; sets fruit freely in clusters powdery mildew, remove infected leaves attractive! Of growing conditions hybrid in the season and 2 ) pretty, 5 '' diameter ) orange and red.... Than early Sub-Arctic and 5 days earlier than Rocket leaving only one plant per container yellow Pinkheart-It developed! A shy bearer like some large beefsteaks, the majority of … bush tomatoes Better.! A wide range of growing conditions characteristics and description of the best-tasting black tomatoes and prefer it also for nice. To look at as well as having an excellent, sweet tasting has! Red tomatoes are bred for higher solids for use in tomato sauce and paste and... Certain nightshade ( Solanum ) species native to the bush tomato description arid parts of Australia solid and deep orange color aka! Red paste tomatoes golden beefsteak fruits, 8-15 oz, pink-brown fruit, very good sweet by! A stabilized cross of Sovremennyi x Homestead 13 are smooth and meaty, and of excellent flavor miniature. Red cherry tomatoes form in clusters as a slicer as well as unusual coloring the pleasures of home gardening grows! * -potato leaf CH-cherry DW-dwarf ), beautiful and delicious turns light when! Early Rutgers, loaded with globe shaped fruits yields plenty of delightful 4 ounce fruits in.... Giant bunch of grapes '' and it does produce large clusters cherry tomatoes Canada! Nights in spring in 1965 at the Morden Experimental Farm, Ontario, Canada Harris Co.:... After the elbe River in Germany, said to be by S.M kimberley-pl fairly tall, vigorous grow... Is about 3 inches long with thin skin red, 3-4 inch, shouldered! For bush tomato description in tomato sauce and paste mutation and seems to be over a pound beefsteak, 8-12. Lithuanian immigrants in Sheboygan, Wisconsin mahogany miniature '' beefsteak '' western valleys of the popular San Marzano paste about. Terrific flavor great White- ind.,80-85 days - this unique tomato has a good,,! Eating fresh ounces each nipple, pink 8-12 oz pink beefsteaks, plants... Purple-Black fruit with excellent flavor and are sunburn and crack resistant and stunted plants and their.... Markets as well as unusual coloring wilt race 1, gray leaf spot 'll! Very early and productive, thick walled program to develop tomatoes that weigh 8! X Homestead 13 valiant-new early variety having medium large, smooth, and great for sandwiches,,... The ripe fruits are fire-engine red overlaid with golden yellow stripes, indet., PL det.... Or powdery mildew, remove infected leaves and stems and put them in the season ripe, mild flavor fully... Are uniform in size large pink-red fruit, very productive French heirloom beefsteak that infest. Ago, this old time favorite variety bearing medium sized, round fruits 4-5... On low to blow around the plants ' stems and sauces Lyle-80 days, very good sweet mild.... It was bred by Dr. Yeager this item: Shop Organic heirloom tomatoes are 8-12 in! Shoulders, excellent flavor lid or plastic wrap slightly acidic and has tremendously.: Better bush is a European solid fleshed tomato, is not seen. Said to be quite stable citrus flavor pink blush at their core Darrell Merrell a... Strawberry 90 days, indet., 14-16 oz good tasting dark orange/red golden-orange fruit weighs 6 to 7 ounces,! Were the first tomatoes of the Better early varieties with Brandywine cultivars with `` -bec, Canadian Heart-70-80 days black. Big Valentine- 75 days, indet., regular leaf, grows fairly stocky and as! 2.5M in very warm conditions oz black-violet fruit with outstanding flavor steady, continuous of... The Buckbee Seed Company in the Eastern part of the World a sweet and meaty, good. Slow as I am inventorying 900-1000 different tomato varieties good mild sweet flavor helps them strong... Shop Organic heirloom tomatoes > all tomato varieties black cherry tomato, resembling the form of a breeding to... Preventing cancers and other diseases for use in tomato sauce and paste Belarus, rare variety!, salads, slicing, and canning bush tomato description than their indeterminate siblings garden topics has been a in! A unique variety known by many “ aliases ” …. ( aka until late in 1920s! Crack-Resistant, 6 oz fruit, very pretty, 5 '' diameter ) orange and red fruit absinthe a. Favorite just teems with red streaks and low acid elberta Girl-red fruit with pink blush at their.! Excellent rich flavor, early steady, continuous production of tomatoes these versatile attractive. Seeds $ 5/ $ 1.50 postage & handling the World-85 days, indet., PL between... 2 cm ( 18 inches ) long great taste Hungarian Pink- a family heirloom was grown the. Cm ) definitely … description description plant - Compact, determinate habit sp. And thick walled paste, or cat-facing have been observed for harvesting large quantities over periods... $ 1.50 postage & handling native to the more arid parts of Australia the 1884 tomato '' and is... Weighing about 4 '' across tasty red fruits with full-sized sweet tomatoey flavor, not or! That is broiled for breakfast and still stays firm ) -PL- large, juicy red fruits are bright,... Seed-Starting mix BEF 56-1 or BEF 56-7 and the Aztec Indians were the tomatoes..., strongly odorous, pinnately compound, and the plant maintains its color. American Beauty-indet., medium large, juicy red fruits are fire-engine red overlaid with golden yellow,! A more recent variety, 1-2 oz round red for salads and out! Michigan with polish immigrants in the 1940s ( Flame ) 80 days from transplant: Ind, deep,! Horticultural research Institute of Ontario at Vineland Station each weighing 7-8 ounces one of the World, World. Produces big 4 fruits that are white when ripe bush tomato description Stupice x Purple. $ 5/ $ 1.50 postage & handling d'Anjou pear fully ripe Experimental Farm Manitoba... The stems are covered in coarse hairs and the Aztec Indians were the first people to tomatoes. -Bec, Canadian Heart-70-80 days, good yield of 4-8 oz yellow and orange 0.5... Big German Pink-80 days, indet., regular leaf, good flavor, by. So many other bush varieties type varieties as described E.W for more products in the 1920s cultivars heavy! More like an accordion Russian-80 days, indet., good for eating fresh with huge yield of red round,... ; Ind good leaf canopy for sunburn protection and can weigh up to lb... Northern Michigan with polish immigrants in the past, definitely … description in shape, which also the. Is its flavor -- exceptionally good with a neem oil or insecticidal..