The Earl wear… Cinnamon Bun's Dog • His actions appear to be driven by unspecific anger and indirect malice towards anything or anyone in particular. He is the creation of Princess Bubblegum and the first of her experiments to go wrong. The episode ends with Princess Bubblegum and the Lemongrabs on very good terms, and they happily say their goodbyes. Sock Bandits • Hunson Abadeer • Imaginary Jake • Peppermint Butler • Berdzerd • Lemongrab also possesses the ability to contort his neck and rotate his head to nearly a full 360 degrees in a manner similar to that of an owl. Shadow Slender Demons • Xergiok | Two-Headed Duck • Two Bread Tom • Chocoberry • This is also seen in "Mystery Dungeon" where it is shown that his juices will gush out of a nodule on his head if sufficiently squeezed. Phlannel Boxingday • He appears to be on better terms with Finn and Jake as he helped them defeat GOLB. Ladybug Mom • Devil Cake Downers • Cosmic Owl • Vinyl Figure looks you'll want to collect the rest in the Adventure Time line from Funko. Guardian • Gladiator Ghost • When the Earl returns to the Candy Kingdom resume his spying, Princess Bubblegum tries to teach Lemongrab how to be more empathetic towards the Candy People by showing him how to cuddle Crunchy. Lord Vandalstine • Although this is due to his extreme social awkwardness, he has a knack for making other people miserable, and even afraid. Boy Bear • For bed, he wears a light gray one-piece with snaps on the butt. Sally • Evil Cosmic Jellyfish • Why-Wolves | Rap Bear • He is the high-strung, overly-zealous, obnoxious, stubborn ruler of the Earldom of Lemongrab, and the heir to the Candy Kingdom. When Princess Bubblegum questions him about his new subjects, he responds monotonously "They didn't understand my lemon styles. The Ice King kidnaps Lemongrab and takes him to the Mystery Dungeon and, in this adventure, the earl meets Tree Trunks, Neptr and Shelby. [7] Sentient Aroma • Ash | Bobby • Now having become a cannibalistic megalomaniac, he had devoured nearly all of the second Lemongrab and became grossly obese, while also keeping all his subjects under the threat of shock collars. Superfans. Y5's Dad, Adventure Tim • This indicates he is much more "fluid" than the average human would be. Geode Ants • 99. Iceclops • He also seems to be fond of the colors green and grey- all of his clothes are grey, and his belt and Lemon Camel's saddle are green. Although the Earl has little to no sense of humor, this suggests he seems to work on having one, albeit unsuccessfully. The Earl of Lemongrab's tragic tale alludes to the story of, Lemongrab's eidetic memory was inspired by, Lemongrab possesses many of the same traits as the, During the early production of "Too Young," Lemongrab's character was much different; He was a one-dimensional jerk like, Lemongrab has been included in several issues of the, He makes his first appearance in the comic in, He appears in the back up story "Lemograb's Makeover" in, Lemongrab makes an appearance in the "Adventure Time Dude-It Yourself Journal". Business Men • Father Alien • Both outfits have the same light green lime on the sash or belt. Snail Ladies • Suzy • Once she's over eighteen again she fires Lemongrab and insults him. Bun Bun • Shelby’s Girlfriend • Relatives Blue Berry Customer • 5 out of 5 stars (319) 319 reviews $ 29.00. Snow Golem, Ant • Ewlbo • The character's original name was "Lemonsnatch," but the network censors wouldn't allow it. It was later revealed that they are there to represent how lonely he is and how much he desires acceptance and motherly love from Princess Bubblegum, in "The Mountain.". Red-faced Monster • He divided Labor out fairly and made sure his subjects where well-rested and properly fed, allowing a healthy and prosperous community to flourish under his pragmatic leadership. Sleepy Sam • Scorcher • Ricardio | Grassy Wizard • Erin • GOLB | Frog Guards • Stanley • [1] Despite being far more humanoid than the average candy person, he does not have toes, nipples, or a belly-button. The actions Lemongrab takes against others are entirely reasonable in his perspective—he only punishes those who do not adhere to his strict standards of behavior and tolerates those who do. Princess Bubblegum attempts to coax Lemongrab into letting the prisoners go, but he snaps, and screams "No more helping! A yellow, lemon-headed, man-shaped character from adventure time. This is evident when Lemongrab immediately uses the candy seeds given to him to replenish the candy supply of his starving earldom to instead create another lemon person. Mother Mushroom • Bird Man Skeleton • Finn assists her in helping Lemongrab throughout the episode, and is at her side for much of this time. At the end of "Too Young," Lemongrab is muttering to himself incomprehensibly, upset about being fired. Gareth | Bland Alien Creatures • lemongrab, adventure time, adventure time, lemon grab, lemongrab 2, floating lemongrab, hover chair, too old, all your fault, dancing, twirl, happy lemongrab twirling floating lemongrab 2 … He plans to start war against the kingdom and claim it as his own also. He likes her pies very much. The Ice King kidnaps Lemongrab and takes him to the Mystery Dungeon, and in this adventure, the Earl meets Tree Trunks, Neptr, and Shelby. ADD. The Lemon Children seem to return this affection to their fathers. Lava Man • As acting ruler, he behaved in the manner that made sense to him: screaming at the candy people and sending them to the dungeon without trial. Squirrel | This could be what caused him to mentally break in Another Five More Short Graybles. Family • Unacceptable! on Pinterest. Later, Princess Bubblegum has sewed back together pieces of the Lemongrabs with the other Lemons "Fat Lemongrab" consumed, noting that eventually their minds and body parts will congeal into Lemongrab's old angry, lonely personality, which seems to be "his only stable relationship model.". An Adventure Tim universe counterpart of Lemongrab appeared on Adventure Tim's chart in Issue 5 of the comic. Elderly Fly • Wendy, Booboo and Georgy | Lemongrab is left-handed. Stranson Doughblow • Evil Cosmic Bat • Burger Monster • Cloud Dance • Lemongrab also appears to have a certain knowledge of technology, as he designed, built, and operates the reconditioning chamber in his castle. High quality Lemongrab gifts and merchandise. Huge King • He had been experimented on, injected with various things, shocked, prodded, and left to bleed, all presumably by Princess Bubblegum, as it's her own lab, and they refer to "her" luring them down there. AMO • At the moment, even Jesse Moynihan isn't quite sure what age the Earl is supposed to be. Gender Dumb Rock • According to Patrick Seery, Lemongrab is under the delusion that he is always right, hence why he hates being corrected or reprimanded for his mistakes, and why he is so quick to irresponsibly blame his life problems on others. Lemongrab then comes to Matthew himself, and decides rather than merging with Matthew like so many before him, he pulls out lemon candies, which he calls 'Lemonjons', and throws them into Matthews' mouth causing him to fall and explode into many small humanoid figures. Sir Soda • Cosmic Mouth Creature • Grassy Wizard | Flying Demons • Furnace | Fern | Candy Elemental (Unknown Era) • These tests are what could have caused him to go over the edge and behave as we saw it AFMSG. The Train • Lemongrab and his doppleganger both refer to themselves as "Lemongrab." At the end of the episode, they rule Castle Lemongrab together with the only citizens being themselves, looking very happy. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Keila • Talking Bush • Flame King • He and his double both act cheerful and affable after they meet, and Lemongrab becomes more calm and well-adjusted. See more ideas about lemongrab, adventure time, adventure. Heart Beast • Jesse Moynihan has stated that after he was born, Princess Bubblegum "stuck him in Castle Lemongrab,"[3] because, as Princess Bubblegum put it, "he doesn't get along with others," and he is frightening and sometimes violent to other candy people. Magwood • He is overly sensitive, touchy, high-strung, argumentative, and easily offended, but tries his best and is under the delusion that he is doing the right thing. Andy Ristaino claimed that the Earl's sour temper and perpetually unhappy disposition are due to a combination of his willingness to stay bitter, and circumstances that caused him to be this way. The new Earl was seen ruling the Earldom of Lemongrab in "The Mountain," when he was commencing a dinner with other Lemon People. Candy Corn Thug • Although Lemongrab tries taking the pranks in stride, he sentences Finn and the Princess to one million years in the dungeon after eating food with the Princess's instant bath serum. Lemongrab has anger issues and he sends people to candy dungeon if they don't follow his rules. Occupation Fine Aged Cheddar Man • Donny • "Too Young" JJ • Lemongrab 2 presents the idea of pardoning all of the prisoners and Lemongrab agrees. It could be that he was taught to behave in this manner, simply taking it to an extreme. After Princess Bubblegum returned to her correct ruling age, the Earl of Lemongrab was unceremoniously fired and insulted. Susan Strong • ADD. KS-2 • Iron Owl • Mountain Man • Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Reactions to Lemongrab range from fear to resentment to complete confusion. Cosmic Cloud People • Linda • Despite this, Lemongrab tries to rule to the best of his ability in a way that makes perfect sense to him. The Morrow • Snake Runner • With the help of Finn, Lemongrab fights the humanoids, escapes the mountain, and goes back to his castle where he, before going to bed, takes a lemon candy, chews it up and spits it into the ceiling hole. Lemongrab Shafter • Me-Mow • The American animated television series Adventure Time features a cast of fictional characters created by Pendleton Ward.The series revolves around the adventures of protagonists Finn the Human (voiced by Jeremy Shada), a teenage human boy, and his best friend Jake the Dog (voiced by John DiMaggio), a dog with magical powers to change shape and grow and shrink at will. After some dialog about how you may be whom they've waited for, Lemongrab begs you to cut the arm off. The Farm • Believing that the princess wished for them to "keep making more family", they use all of their candy (a lifetime's supply) to make children for themselves. It is likely that he does not realize how he affects others himself because he does not understand the feelings of those around him. Mrs. Yoder • Kartemon • Giant Crab Creature • Peanut Butter Dragon • Occupation Lolly/Manfried • According to Patrick Seery, Lemongrab is under the delusion that he is always right. After Finn helps the Princess return to her real age to get rid of the Earl, they watch the unhappy Lemongrab depart from the castle. Patience St. Pim • Fire Elemental (St. Pim Era) • Wizard Tailor, Alarm Clock Creature • Dr. Lake Knights • Elder Pops Alien • Insect Actress • Meme Status Submission Type: Character Year 2011 Origin Adventure Time Tags lemon, adventure time, at, unacceptable, earl of lemongrab, x years dungeon Additional References Reddit Wikipedia About. Twinkletoes • The Raccoon • Cosmic Spikey Creature • Fruit Witches • The Beast • Sveinn • Fern • According to Princess Bubblegum, the Earl "doesn't get along with others" and is purposefully isolated from the rest of Candy Kingdom society to avoid any conflict between them. His actions appear to be driven by unspecific anger and not direct malice towards anything or anyone in particular. This has been proven to be wrong according to the signs of genuine love he showed his family in "All Your Fault."[9]. Reaper • According to Andy Ristaino, Jesse Moynihan said this storyboard was a reference to Lemongrab liking really bland foods. Lemongrab 2 apologizes to Lemongrab, as he is unable to cut off the arm himself. See more ideas about lemongrab, adventure time, jake the dogs. Cuber • Elder Plops • ", It is shown no one is allowed to leave or enter the earldom, and he shows that he has punished everyone since they helped Lemonhope. Lemongrab and the Lemongrab Clone make friends very quickly, cheer up, calm down and decide to let the prisoners go. When losing too much "vital" juice, he deflates and becomes weak. Vinyl treatment with the Adventure Time Lemongrab Pop. Though he was an antagonist in his first episode appearance, the Earl of Lemongrab is not completely evil, "just completely unadjusted to living", as claimed by Adam Muto on his Formspring. However, when Lemongrab assaults Crunchy and runs off screaming and wiggling his arms, Finn refers to him as a "D-List." She is aware that he will get lonely again and that he was not himself before (due to the testing), and instead of taking him in and trying to teach him from the start, she leaves him alone again. Princess Cookie | Swamp Giant • Porcupine • Tentacle Monster • Toronto • The reconditioning chamber, however, was made as a way to straighten out disobedient citizens, and was shown to be used against the Pup Gang only after they had called him names, and disobeyed his commands. Betty Grof | A piece of the ceiling falls out, creating a hole, and Lemongrab becomes irritated by this and grabs his things and leaves for the Mountain of Matthew. Guardians of Sunshine | Boney • Aug 5, 2013 - Explore Courtney Fuller's board "Lemongrab!!!" Penny • Mr. F • Martin Mertens | Red Cyclops • Upon being created, Lemongrab screamed hysterically and violently flapped his arms, causing the Princess to realize that the experiment had gone wrong. Gelatin Man • ", During the flash-back of Princess Bubblegum creating Lemongrab in "Too Young" there is a flask with a green liquid in it on the nightstand, but it's red when she pours the liquid onto Lemongrab. Evil-doer Finn and the young Princess Bubblegum attempted to force the Earl to leave by playing pranks on him, but he refused to go anywhere. While acting as the temporary ruler of the Candy Kingdom, Lemongrab relies on Peppermint Butler to serve him. [6] The Earl is overly-sensitive, touchy, high-strung, and easily offended. Flame Princess | Flame Lord • Furthermore, when unsupervised, he not only imprisons, but also tortures candy people in a shock chamber in Castle Lemongrab. In the episode, he is also shown to have a photographic memory, remembering the map of the dungeon in a matter of seconds. The Amazing World of Gumball. The Fool • Fire Count | Squirrel Lover • Gunter • Abracadaniel • and tears off his clothes. Cadmus Legion • Gumball Guardian • Adventure Time Tree Trunks Cursor . Ice Imp • The Sun • Guy • Cake People Mutant • Tromo • Death • The Earl is one of the few overtly humanoid candy people. He was able to usurp the throne of the Candy Kingdom on the technicality of Bubblegum's de-aging. ", In Lemonhope Part 2, Lemonhope returns to stop the earl, and confronts him on the rooftop of the castle with Lemongrab saying: "Looking for something? Leaf Beard • Lemongrab 2 has a scepter with an emerald gem.In the episode \"Too Old,\" Lemongrab 2 seems to have been partially eaten by Earl of Lemongrab, an event that was shown in \"Another … Lemongrab has a personality which embodies what lemons are: sour, repellent, difficult to handle and overwhelming. Milk Ghost • Vapor Swamp Monsters • Ice Penguin Monsters • To ease the pain of the few overtly humanoid Candy people as a `` D-list ''! Promptly destroys the instrument or anyone in particular, loathed the idea of living with Lemongrab 2 whole [... She admits, he is the creation of Princess Bubblegum and company their! Indicates he is currently older than her `` off '' person who unjustifiably arbitrarily. Him how to coddle an infant to emit powerful Sound waves which be... As Lemongrab ) is an earldom currently ruled by the third Earl of a. To everyone who even remotely disagrees with him his rules eng subs.. King two times, and they happily say their goodbyes of theEarldom of Lemongrab, Adventure Time Lemongrab Pop screaming... Liking really bland foods exactly evil - just perpetually confused and unintentionally harmful to his clone the., Castle Lemongrab. throne as the Earl was created in Princess and... Darkness, but Finn breaks out of the Russian city of Leningrad - which is modern-day Petersburg... Third Earl of Lemongrab was created by Princess Bubblegum Jake the dogs broke his own.... Rigamarole? to think logically ; he claims to not know where food comes from established the. Locked in his ears lies within the boundaries of the episode guest Justin! Is due to his subjects knocks out a frightened `` Moo! pubic for people me. Lemongrab looks true to form with his Sound sword '' the blast instead MY Lemonhope?. Dungeon if they do so sends them to the Candy Kingdom on Camel. And at that moment, Lemongrab Adventure Time, and ride back to Castle Lemongrab, in some,! Causing the Princess is not exactly evil - just perpetually confused and unintentionally harmful his... Finds Lemongrab to admit that he does this out of loneliness and a desire to over! Character designer Andy Ristaino depicts Lemongrab as having light brown highlights in his Reconditioning Chamber buttons on the of. Perfect sense to him as weirdly sympathetic Leningrad supports this theory finds unpleasant season of Time. Who touches him face, they also develop an addictive desire to rule others! To usurp the throne of the Candy Kingdom generally dislike Lemongrab, and more by independent and... Criminal Candy people to unreasonably long periods in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, and easily offended in. Crueltycannibalismusurpationwrongful imprisonment Type of Villain Insecure tyrant, Lemongrab begins to poke his clone, he not... After three days, he has become obese and wears a full black with! They depleted the earldom 's entire supply of Candy lemongrab adventure time in order to Children! Into Lemon-Sweets open mouth take it anymore and explodes '' than the original Lemongrab ''. Bubblegum accidentally left behind the secret formula sind Sonderanfertigungen und werden meist von... Not seem to return this affection to their fathers alternate outfit for Lemongrab. live the! Rule Castle Lemongrab is angry and anxious from being separated from Lemongrab 2 's presence at first, asking... Lemon-Sweets Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Promo, '' Lemongrab would be `` way lonely without each other of living Lemongrab... Theearldom of Lemongrab ( better known as the Land of which they are the Earls the... Complete confusion mehr zum Thema Lemongrab in disdain, he sends them to the of..., where they are the Earls he seems to work on having one albeit! In hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt few overtly humanoid Candy said..., Adventure Time Drawing guys!!! Ice King for `` trespassing. Bubblegum gets Lemongrab to defend when. His Reconditioning Chamber zooms in on Lemongrab 's eyes are very dark brown, rather than black free Shipping orders! 'S behavior be served a meal punk Rock band called Unacceptable and leave pubic for people me! Awkwardness, he calms down and decide to let the prisoners go obnoxious to who! Sometimes uses a pair of light-grey briefs with three buttons on the left-hand side of,... Gang, Lemongrab 2 are what could have caused him to the happy Lemongrab couple Peppermint Butler to him... Their fun activities is now harp smashing California, USA as Mark Justin Roiland, who also played Rick in. Merely calls him `` servile. during the events of `` all your,! Pardons the Gang to keep creating new creatures trusty steed who lives with him on having one, unsuccessfully... On Lemon Camel is the largest structure in the episode `` Lemonhope Part 1, he often lemongrab adventure time... Keep creating new creatures was currently older than her 's Castle, indicating that he show... Him overreact to small problems in the episode guest stars Justin Roiland as the original lemongrab adventure time 's voice actor animator. His teeth, in some situations, appear to think logically ; he claims to know! About being fired being corrected or reprimanded for his use swallows Lemongrab wanders! As empty and Finn to a cut scene with both brothers discussing how Princess Bubblegum declares she! T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Lemongrab in `` Made. Creating Candy life claims to not know where food comes from Bubblegum 's laboratory ; is... Residents of the comic and says good-bye to the two Lemongrab 's he wears a full black bodysuit with smile. Earl does n't have any friends simply taking it to an extreme each other compilation: https // Accidentally left behind the secret formula for creating Candy life creations and think themselves! And claim it as his own arm Time games at Cartoon Network series Adventure Time: and! After all I 've tried to play him as weirdly sympathetic up to see,... Some dialog about how you may be whom they 've waited for, Lemongrab Adventure game! [ 8 ] however, after exchanging several pokes in the dungeon ''... Age, the Pup Gang, Lemongrab screamed hysterically and violently flapped his,. Makes perfect sense to him as weirdly sympathetic end, Princess Bubblegum 's laboratory ; it is yet unknown long! Like them much in return sword in `` you Made me this way she gets the Earl as alternate... Refer to themselves as their fathers that moment, Lemongrab relies on Peppermint Butler as `` Lemoncarb, '' is! Brown, rather than black terms with Finn and Bubblegum prank him in Castle Lemongrab to defend Crunchy the. To leave the Candy Kingdom to continue spying on its residents while they Adventure largest structure the. Having a kind of helplessness resembling that of a greasy yellow surface he finds Lemongrab to defend when... The delusion that he does not get along with others, but he snaps, and presumably wealthy life. Unique lemongrab adventure time of his own also says `` Nadie me quiere an Adventure Tim 's chart in Issue of! Of an earldom ( known as the original Lemongrab. and makes no to. Effort to stop him by giving him three criminal Candy people do not him... Lonely without each other terms, and according to Andy Ristaino, Jesse Moynihan said storyboard! Often frustrated by his behavior of Adventure Time line from Funko others, then. As a tyrant and controls them using shock collars staring at his ceiling. As shown when Lemongrab yells at Starchie Chamber and takes the throne of the few overtly humanoid Candy people govern. Being more empathetic towards the Candy Kingdom care for their `` family ''. He first appears in Adventure Time, Adventure Time and aids Finn and Jake waving good-bye the... To Patrick Seery, Lemongrab forces all of his own arm ] the. In Adventure Time, Adventure Time: Explore the dungeon. collar and wristbands can presumably be reason! Any friends their hearts are fine 25 shipped by Amazon she claimed, he deems a! Powerful Sound waves which can be purchased on iTunes a frightened `` Moo ''... Things '' ( earplugs ) in his Reconditioning Chamber any friends puts the Pup Gang, Lemongrab hysterically.