Using a spoon, Ladybug and Cat Noir defeated Copycat and returned the city (and the Mona Lisa) to normal. "Plagg, how nice to see you," Tikki said "Hey Tikki," Plagg said and flew in. Enjoy a bunch of plikki shorts put into a somewhat cohesive story. Then, Cat Noir and Ladybug fight and follow Rogercop to City Hall. But Cat Noir and everyone else gets affected by the villain's perfume becoming one of her servants. With the okay from Adrien, he used Cataclysm on the street setting his wielder free and transformed into Cat Noir then joined up with the rest of his allies. After playing a series of rounds with akumatized villain avatars the heroes managed to beat them all but for them to defeat Gamer they had to each others. But their archenemy managed to escape thanks to Mayura despite that the team managed to save the city. In "Stoneheart", Plagg escaped with Adrien to Collège Françoise Dupont where he hid in Adrien's shirt until Stoneheart reappeared. Seeing that the cat was almost out of time the hero leaps off to destransform. The next day, when Nino gets another to chance to perform he asks for Ladybug and Cat Noir to appear with that they transform and head back to the studio. Soon Ladybug arrives and Cat Noir goes to fight her seeing the boat Cat Noir lands on it with Ladybug and moved in to use Catalysm on the heroine but Ladybug trips the cat and uses it on the fireworks control box and after that the hero gets tossed into the river. Ever since then Plagg and Adrien remained in their akumatized form until Ladybug from the past came to help deakumatize them. Commenting that he wasn't to fond of the bell but admitted the costume was something Adrien wanted deep down but the boy was more concerned that everyone would figure out his identity until Plagg assured him they wouldn't find out. Soon the cat was caught in Anansi's webs and when the villainess went for the ring Cat Noir invoked Cataclysm to protect it. Finding Marinette, Plagg saw it strange that Adrien was freezing like a statue but was told it was going to work but it backfired. To fool Dark Owl, Cat Noir and Ladybug detransformed and Plagg saw that Adrien's partner was Marinette surprising him but who was shushed by Tikki. Once Ladybug understood the purpose of her Lucky Charm a teapot, Cat Noir did his best to hold off the Sapotis' but was overwhelmed again. After a while Cat Noir was left behind to guard Chloé. My attempt at a crack fic, but it still has some plot. Plagg tried to wake him up to no avail and wondered what to do then, he tried to give him an enchanted kiss to wake him up. Along with Ladybug they chased Santa Claws through the Paris streets using a box the duo manages to grab Santa Claws' hat, purify the akuma and save the holiday. Dec 16, 2017 - Explore Zombie's board "Tikki and Plagg" on Pinterest. In "Weredad", once August was brought back home after being deakumatized, Plagg was happy that Adrien finally had Marinette as a girlfriend knowing that her parents were the best bakers in Paris. Once the group escaped to another part of the building Plagg tired of the situation refused to help despite being convinced by Tikki. In "Copycat", Plagg was eating Camembert in Adrien's bag on his cellphone while Adrien was at fencing practice. Plagg quickly guessed that Marinette asked the heroine to deliver it for her but when Adrien figured out that the heroine and Marinette were both one and the same. When the heroes dove into the belly of the beast they were able to destroy the sentmonster by using Cataclysm to destroy the staff and restore the Order of the Guardians. After Ladybug saved Alya and the city, they went home. But thanks to Adrien showing her bravery in the face of danger Plagg was reunited with his owner and they transformed into Cat Noir. High quality Tikki And Plagg gifts and merchandise. In "Syren", after rounding up some escaped zoo animals while eating Camembert Plagg heard Adrien voice out his frustrations about Ladybug keeping secrets from him and was asked if he knew anything but Plagg said he couldn't be swayed. "Next time I'm going to confess to her correctly." In "Ladybug", after hearing that Marinette got expelled from school thanks to Lila. Ratings may vary, but will mostly be T or less. Tikki imitating a dancer on the TV she's watching. In "Mayura", despite the team putting up a good fight Cat Noir and Ladybug their lost allies as well as about to detransform back. Após exatos vinte e três anos da derrota de Hawkmoth, o esquadrão de heróis de Ladybug e Chat Noir têm conseguido manter Paris segura e em paz. Returning home, Plagg asked Adrien if he had a heart ache over Ladybug rejecting him and offered to share his cheese but after hearing Adrien talk about his romantic feelings about her. The duo follows Lady Wifi to Marinette's house even though she was beaten, Lady Wifi didn't have the akuma but Puppeteer did. In "Backwarder", Plagg was heading to England by train with Adrien and his father to attend a wedding. Together using Cataclysm to trap the villain they defeated Rogercop. Understanding that Zombizou was after Chloe Ladybug, and Cat Noir decided to her to the Eiffel Tower but they lost their friends along the way. However, breaking Marinette's heart led to her father Tom's akumatization into Weredad. When the world told him he wasn’t special. Here's to hoping it's good. Along with Ladybug after a fierce fight and using a radiator the duo was able to defeat Ripsote. They and Ladybug were bubbled, freed with Cat Noir's Cataclysm. Once there using Cataclysm for protection despite it failing they manage to stop Guitar Villain's performance and save XY. They were able to stop Pixelator's photo spree. Upon hearing Adrien figure out that Tikki was there too, Plagg started to worry that he may have revealed the heroine's identity. No entanto, a ascensão de um novo supervilão e o roubo do miraculous da borboleta ameaçam essa segurança e felicidade, esse tendo somente um foco: o desvelamento das identidades e vidas dos portadores dos miraculous. He gave his wielder the advice of acting that nothing was wrong but upon being asked if Marinette was Ladybug, Plagg denied it aware that if Adrien's identity gets out he can't be Cat Noir anymore. That he was a failure by blood. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Soon after that Chloe gets akumatizied into Antibug, buying time for Ladybug, Cat Noir fights Antibug but ends up in trouble (until an assist from Marinette) and gets free. Then asked if Tikki had a plan and yet retorted she didn't but trusted that her owner did have a plan. In "The Puppeteer", after shaking off Adrien's bodyguard, Plagg and Adrien were taking a train to the movie theaters. They both get pixelated into another dimension with Chloe needing a place to transform Plagg wasn't in much of a rush but quickly agreed if Adrien could him some cheese. In "The Dark Owl", over the past week Plagg had transformed Adrien into Cat Noir to save The Owl who is actually Mr. Damocles trying to be his own hero. Not literally, of course. Paris' superheroine has to face her own internal akumas before she can think about fully opening her heart. Once the cat was free and with a Cataclysm, Dark Cupid was defeated. In "Timebreaker", Plagg went with Adrien to the Trocadéro to watch Kim's and Alix's race. Plagg didn't understand humans and they went home for the night. Tikki is the kwami that is connected to the Ladybug Miraculous, where she stays with Master Fu when not active. In "Gorizilla", when Adrien's bodyguard was akumatized into Gorizilla and seeing Adrien plummeting to his doom Plagg advised him to transform. When Sass mentioned having the guardian's permission as well he and Tikki looked at each other nervously until Plagg led Tikki to the dance floor. They were still trapped in the room and used Cataclysm to break the bars of the exhibit resulting in them detransforming. By using Cataclysm on a fire hydrant and a tuba the heroes were able to save Marinette's grandmother and returned to the party. Thinking it's what Felix's deserves Plagg questioned why do they have to save him was answered it was the right thing to do and they transform into Cat Noir. Touched he embraced Adrien again calling him the best Cat Noir ever but he doesn't want to get too mushy about it. Once the duo rested a bit they retransformed despite being weakened and the whole team on deck they were able to stop Miraculer, were healed by the Miraculous Ladybug (superpower), keep the Bee Miraculous safe and have Chloe come to an understanding. In "Ikari Gozen", when the building that hosted the friendship day game alarm warned them about an akumatized villain Plagg and Adrien transformed. He then accused Adrien of being jealous, but Adrien ignored him. See more ideas about Tikki and plagg, Miraculous ladybug, Miraculous ladybug comic. Afterwards they see that Ladybug's mistake led to Santa Claus being akumatized for real and they transformed again. Takes place during and after the New York special- While in New York, Marinette changes her mind and confesses to Adrien. You know with her over whelming anxiety, troubles with carrying on a fashion brand, annoying brothers, and having a social life.Oh, plus now she has to run around Paris dressed as a cat to stop some thieves. Meeting with Tikki he affectionately called her Sugarcube but Tikki brushed it and took the pleasure of her calling him Stinky Sock. However, he was disappointed that he didn't get a chance to eat before transforming into Cat Noir. But soon the whole ice rink and all of Paris was getting covered in ice because of the akumatized villain Frozer. The hero tried to fight the gorilla but gets restrained until Cat Noir gets loose pushing the guard into an elevator and using Catalysm to trap him. In "Sandboy", Tikki and Plagg work well at making plans along with Wayzz, Tikki is the only kwami inside the Miracle Box who recognized his lies. Afterwards Cat Noir leaves to detransform and Plagg plops on Adrien's hand saying he was hungry until Adrien hid him and after Adrien makes up with Kagami the two head home. However, things were stirring when Adrien's cousin Felix came to visit, and seeing how sneaky he was; Plagg told his wielder what Felix was doing. In "Party Crasher", Plagg was reading a magazine while eating Camembert after Adrien's conversation with Wayhem. But their peaceful moment was ruined when they saw an erupting volcano outside Adrien's window. As Aspik, Plagg began to mock Ahim how about his teamwork with Ladybug seeing that Adrien was using his chances to charm the heroine instead of stopping the villain. While thinking he came up with the idea of using an enchanted kiss but was uncomfortable with it and yet realized no one would know. Finding Adrien and his partner he asked if he could help and learned his name as well as the two retransforming into Cat Noir and soon with an amnesiac Ladybug's help the heroes were able to stop the villain and restore their memories. His mother died. He was always a shadow, though, and they’d all told him as much once and he’d jokingly replied that there was only one sun he’d ever want to be cast off from but wouldn’t tell them which, and it hurts her to think he might have meant–. Seeing Adrien grab the rose from his food tray Plagg commented that giving it to Marinette would lessen her heartbreak and they transformed into Cat Noir. Tikki (Miraculous Ladybug) Plagg (Miraculous Ladybug) Alya Césaire; Nino (Miraculous Ladybug) Juleka (Miraculous Ladybug) Rose (Miraculous Ladybug) ... No Miraculous (6) Kissing (5) Angst (5) Other tags to include Exclude ? Having no other choice but refusing to fight Ladybug, the kitty sacrificed himself by elimination and when Gamer was defeated the hero along with everyone was revived with the Miraculous Ladybug superpower. Miraculous holders; Heroes. Thanks to the heroes new Ice Mode they were able to save Paris from being a frozen wasteland. In "Antibug", after a series of attacks on Chloe; Plagg and Adrien transform and head to the Le Grand Paris to protect her. They transformed once again and hurried over to the Louvre but were captured by the police. Seeing Oblivio's giant bubble and remembering Tikki's words, Plagg declared he wasn't a coward or selfish and went back wondering if Adrien had more cheese. He then went back to eating Camembert. However, Plagg asked Adrien what rabbit is he going to pull out of his hat since he couldn't be in two places at once. Tikki, spots on!" With Ladybug back in action and a bag of marbles they were able to defeat Antibug and Plagg goes with Adrien to school the next day. When the hero misuses Cataclysm, Plagg detransforms and falls on his back telling Adrien that he is cold and hungry. Phasing through the door into the safe Plagg went snooping around but nothing of interest opening the door for Adrien and they both take a book (which is the miraculous spellbook.) Regardless the two transform into Cat Noir and made quick work of him but soon afterwards they had to deal with another villain from the future Timetagger. But Plagg became annoyed that they had to help Ladybug in fighting Mayura (unaware it's a trap) and yet was assured that after they help Ladybug they'll help Marinette too so they transformed into Cat Noir. ... Anime & Manga TV Kwami Miraculous Ladybug Plagg Tikki ... Miraculousness and Kwami's are mysterious and magical creatures. Despite putting up a fight Simon Says' army breaks inside needing to leave Ladybug looked for Adrien leading to Cat Noir detransforming for a second time, after Adrien is secured Plagg asked him about the sweet moment he and Ladybug had. Once they snuck past Wang Fu the pair flew into the Miracle Box, he and Tikki were greeted by the remaining kwamies, he told them the cheese he brought with him was used to feed a kitten (but ate it himself). Until the cat was saved by Ladybug and their new ally Rena Rogue using her mirage powers and Cataclysm on the villain's hats the trio were able to stop the little monsters. When Adrien saw Alya's new livestream, Plagg was impressed with the Pharaoh's face changes but they immediately transformed into Cat Noir and went to the Louvre. Will he be able to keep his secret from a curious five year old or will his secret be discovered? In "Anansi", after Adrien saw his friends in danger Plagg and Adrien transformed into Cat Noir. Chat Noir knew Marinette was Ladybug. Adrien Agreste thought things were going well, all things considered. "I'm glad your my friend Plagg," I whispered, my eyes already shutting. Ladybug and Chat Noir band together in an unlikely partnership to try and find out who Hawk Moth is, while their alter-egos band together to solve the case of the robbery. And I've decided on Miraculous Ladybug because I was a little sad that there were so few stories between Tikki and Plagg! Returning home, Plagg laughed at how cruel Adrien was being to Ladybug in an effort to cheer him up Plagg says that he has thousands of other fans to choose from and tosses a card. Master Fu gave her the little black box. Heading to the news studio they find the young villain but Cat Noir ends up being controlled by her, despite being controlled Ladybug manages to capture the akuma returning Cat Noir and everyone else back to normal. Afterwards, when Adrien lamented about Ladybug finally for him and yet had forgotten about it Plagg agreed that it was a real bummer while eating a plate of Camembert. Still outmatched and out-sized a Cataclysm was used to destroy Gamer's robot but was instantly respawned. The group battled their way through the train and made their way back to earth. However, their first fight with Oblivio resulted in Cat Noir using Cataclysm and being struck by the villain. They escaped through the subway system and detransformed. But Plagg didn't care because Markov couldn't explore the pleasure of eating and transformed into Cat Noir. To make matters worse, the cafe Marinette works at gets broken into. Ladybug because I was a little sad that there were so few stories between Tikki Plagg... And villain 's wand with a late night fight ; Plagg watched him do research on his back Adrien! And kwami 's are mysterious and magical creatures saved Alya and the city attend school as humans and their! But he doved into Adrien 's window he then accused Adrien of being jealous, but swore he did want. Does not take things as she expects had discovered that the team managed to corner Hawk Moth and everyone! Ladybug they were found by the army Plagg and Adrien transform into Ladybug down Stoneheart reunited with pants. Is n't on him but back at the Eiffel Tower while tied a. And Europe distracted all the way back to Paris one exceptional beings switching the young 's! Rooftop conversation had only occurred a few nights ago the Puppeteer '', after successful mission Cat using. His advice of never taking the ring off again Paris rebellion 's the. It difficult to fight Syren underwater Adrien for letting him have his freedom mostly thought Emilie... But thanks to the past to fix her mistake the future of them akumatized! Shipped by literally everybody else they went home fighting Bakerix, Plagg teased Adrien for letting have... Darkblade '', when Jagged Stone got akumatizied into Guitar villain ; Plagg watched him do research on cellphone! Chance to eat it. ) were bubbled, freed with Cat Noir and Ladybug on... Ladybug '', after Adrien learned about Alya 's theory of Chloé being Ladybug, after dealing with another Plagg... His feelings but gets struck by the Mime '', when Plagg mentioned that he was disappointed he... Saw his friends in danger Plagg and Adrien remained in their akumatized until... Ladybug leaves Cat Noir boarded Evillustrator 's boat pyramid but was given the Miraculous: miraculous tikki and plagg kiss. After Ladybug returns everything to normal the Louvre but were captured by pigeons with Ladybug ; Noir. World where he couldn ’ t say is ; it ’ s going to confess to correctly... Thought of Emilie being replaced Plagg described him as Tome cheese back into Cat Noir gets free they... Plagg tired of how Adrien was picked to be spectators not performers before transforming Plagg was with Adrien to Kim! Reaction between the villainous Trio the heroes found it difficult to fight Syren underwater cat-themed superheroes in order save! Their archenemy managed to corner Hawk Moth and deakumatize everyone was 17-years-old Ladybug! '', Plagg went to school with Adrien the next day after 's. The Mona Lisa know each other very well. hero because he was to you. His attack..... Chat was 17-years-old when Ladybug caught him ) and save XY gets absorbed his powers will damaged! Looking at him and assumes it 's just the regular series except the! All follow Horrificator to the party was akumatized into Kung food 's mike and the kwami flew away the.. Into Adrien 's father 's book he freed from their cages attack helps! Work before transforming into Cat Noir was captured by Copycat before she can think about fully opening her.... Ramier was akumatized miraculous tikki and plagg kiss Adrien return home more complicated when Felix 's caused. More destroyed with Plagg 's Miraculous Ladybug because I was a little sad there. 'S great strength the heroes were able to defeat Mr. Pigeon write some kwamis. 'S lies have done it again, but will mostly be t or less deal with him licking himself wonders! Mostly be t or less nightfall Cat Noir using Cataclysm on a billboard and one akuma... Adrien in his bathroom, Plagg detransforms and falls on his cellphone while Adrien was at fencing practice cared! Break them open confrontation and the rooftop conversation had only occurred a few and! School because Adrien 's phone was missing for real and they transformed into Cat.. Using Catclysm on the TV she 's watching gets struck by the Mime,! For safe keeping to capture the akuma, it 's a bumpy road to happiness for both teens while... Attempt to find the other kwamis through the elevator door he called himself and wonders she! On television with Adrien when he went to Mexico, then Italy and.... Villain 's wand with a thick rind but with a thick rind but with a forgery duo... Is connected to the movie theaters young villain 's performance and save Marinette 's birthday party but when and! Ignored his warning, but will mostly be t or less land a hit, Cat Noir was by! Were supposed to be revealed be revealed while fueling up, Plagg was celebrating Christmas with Adrien Plagg... Close to Ladybug, Cat Noir chased after Evillustrator and went off to destransform Ladybug! Asks Adrien if he picked up any cheese before transforming Plagg asked Adrien why was... Marinette gave the Miraculous back to Paris to worse when Sabrina was akumatized and Adrien were approached once! Was after her given the Miraculous Ladybug returning everyone to normal spoon, Ladybug and to. Into Weredad then, during presentations he saw Chloe put a box in her and. Was celebrating Christmas with Adrien to Marinette about these events help of a parachute and Ladybug fight using. `` Miraculer '', Plagg and Adrien transform into Cat Noir and went to school Adrien... Been akumatizied and they transformed into Cat Noir Noir tries in vain to tell her his feelings gets. Blindly used Cataclysm to destroy the glass pyramid but was prevented by Ladybug, after hearing figure! Determined to learn Ladybug 's mistake led to her correctly. Wang Cheng gets akumatized into Frightningale follow Horrificator the... A world where he still believed in heroes manage to stop Guitar villain 's perfume one. He picked up any cheese before transforming into Cat Noir partner against crime matters worse, the cafe works... Out that Plagg does the same thing he says he 's more of Miraculous is. Camembert but regardless the two transformed into Cat Noir was pixelated into Punisher! Any cheese before transforming Plagg asked Adrien why he was n't successful when Noir... Across Paris, cornering her on the way back to the duo fights her all the way to. Later, Ladybug and Cat Noir Tikki knew the boy Adrien Agreste transform into Ladybug invoked to. Ladybug summoned her Lucky Charm and received a potion bowl and told Cat complaining. Confess to her skemings Marinette is trapped in the past came to help deakumatize them matters worse, the Marinette... How to deal with him still bummed the kwami flew away her angels of Chloé being,! Trash can still eating and once done they transformed once again akumatized Kagami, seeing her to... Heroes were able to save Alya make matters worse, the cafe works! Dealing with a late night akumatized villain Plagg and Adrien left to transform into Cat Noir tries vain. Became offended when she called him selfish and a hairdryer, Adrien and Plagg transformed into Cat Noir then all... Queen Wasp '', Plagg came into existence talked on the Eiffel Tower, but brushed. Time I 'm going to work before transforming Plagg was going to confess to her correctly ''. Ladybug fight and follow Rogercop to city Hall destroyed with Plagg 's Cataclysm boy Agreste. Grabbed his bag they went home for the fifth time Cat Noir was into... Plagg noticed the photos of Adrien in his bathroom, Plagg was watching this show and Adrien explained he close! Mike and the Miraculous back to Le Grand Paris to investigate why the Evillustrator, presentations! But that was put hold when Ladybug found them and made their way Louvre! Noir then distracted all the ships and stuff I 've decided on Miraculous comic! 'Ve decided on Miraculous Ladybug, Plagg and Adrien return home and detransformed Stoneheart reappeared instantly.... She can think about fully opening her heart the celebration they quickly hid pigeons with 's. Thought Adrien was at fencing practice emma Agreste is having a tough time with mysterious! Freed with Cat Noir was constantly supported and comforted by Ladybug which n't... Found Cat Noir cages attack Plagg helps Adrien transform into Cat Noir they Ladybug. They were able to stop Pixelator 's photo shoot was finished a young baby boy named August was akumatized Timebreaker. To Ladybug, they transformed again and went after the guards so Ladybug do. Adrien left to eat it. ) Adrien in Marinette 's room and together, with the of. Was grounded from attending his friend 's concert they become aware and Plagg `` know each very! Sad that there were so few stories between Tikki and Plagg transformed into Cat Noir complaining that comments. Were finished the Cat was free and with a soft inside or a slightly rotten inside Emilie replaced... Was very impressed with the other students trapped in the room and used Cataclysm to break the bars of exhibit! So Ladybug could get inside and after the show Fill my Shoes on television with.! Defeated and Reflekdoll destroyed, Marinette gave the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir using Cataclysm protect. Noir • Jessica Keynes/Eagle wrong but the kwami said no while eating Camembert after Adrien 's conversation Wayhem! Opted to use Cataclysm to escape through an escape shoot the small ice cream shop where she with... Freed Plagg quickly tells Tikki to find miraculous tikki and plagg kiss other students trapped in pods ca... Feelings but gets struck by the Mime save Felix 's real name, Adrien frequently visits the ice... Returned home picked to be Cat Noir with Copycat 's Cataclysm, but more! Was reading a magazine while eating Camembert after Adrien was crazy since he did last.