xmp.iid:40DBA5FF282068118A6DC8EC50F7702E 2012-10-30T14:01:03+05:30 /;/metadata Adobe InDesign 7.0 Adobe InDesign 7.0 The skin aids in body heat loss or heat retention as controlled by the nervous system. uuid:62bb842d-9b04-4444-b22d-751b2e51e1e4 We have receptors in our skin all over our bodies that send signals to our brains. xmp.iid:298DC6DC132068118A6DC8EC50F7702E saved saved /;/metadata xmp.iid:FC7F1174072068118083856AB4478ACE 2012-10-30T17:46:51+05:30 2012-10-29T10:36:29+05:30 xmp.iid:0E68621B0F2068118A6DC8EC50F7702E Adobe InDesign 7.0 saved /;/metadata saved Adobe InDesign 7.0 Protect underlying tissues and organs against impact, abrasion, fluid loss, and chemical attack.. Excrete salts, water, and organic wastes by . saved /;/metadata /;/metadata lKSUpJSklKSUpJTjf84cn/yozv8Atsf+SSUr/nDk/wDlRnf9tj/ySSlf84cn/wAqM7/tsf8AkklK xmp.iid:0717DFF0072068118083C26B6B75483A /;/metadata Adobe InDesign 7.0 2012-10-27T11:43:33+05:30 2012-11-07T15:51:58+05:30 Adobe InDesign 7.0 /;/metadata xmp.iid:98DAFA28082068118C1482F23E47A275 ... Merkels’s disc Receptors, usually in the upper dermis or lower epidermis, especially in non-hairy areas. xmp.iid:CA5F1495072068118083A11ADA9F0CE7 2012-10-27T14:56:08+05:30 /;/metadata xmp.iid:2554C3C9072068118083D8F10ADE3936 2012-10-27T11:20:31+05:30 xmp.iid:FF4D80DA072068118083CA46666A4F2F Adobe InDesign 7.0 xtQDSHGdz3NHISU4/wC3vrH/AOV+N/7FVf8ApRJSv299Y/8Ayvxv/Yqr/wBKJKV+3vrH/wCV+N/7 In adults, skin covers an area of about 2 square meters. /;/metadata 2012-10-29T16:17:15+05:30 YzcW4PIaxrw8FsNh0tJ7ykpuJKUkpSSlJKUkpr9P/wCT8b/ia/8AqQkpF1bE6XmYzaurbPRDw5u9 SKIN. xmp.iid:ED3633D8072068118C1482F23E47A275 /;/metadata Adobe InDesign 7.0 /;/metadata lJKUkpSSlJKa/T/+T8b/AImv/qQkpfNwsbqOJdgZjPVx8hhrtZJbua4QRLSCPkkpp5f1a6LnF5ys 2012-10-29T11:46:48+05:30 /;/metadata Slf89Mb/AMqHfh/6TSUr/npjf+VDvw/9JpKV/wA9Mb/yod+H/pNJT0nT3Y2fhU5n2dtXrN3bC0Ej Flashcards. xmp.iid:4C8FED750D2068118C14E34F2ED3A82C Adobe InDesign 7.0 Adobe InDesign 7.0 E6ffSWAudbk7SHy6R/PN7Qkpp/ZP/Nd0z/2K/wDfhJSSnpeRkEtx+k9PtLdSGZBdH3XlJSZvQOol saved xmp.iid:4986197C0D2068118C1482F23E47A275 Thin skin. saved xmp.iid:9AFDEEEF102068118C149ED17FF09723 Adobe InDesign 7.0 /kUlO3i9N6DmY9eVTgYxruaHsmhgMHUfmpKavVf+bHRm1uzcGgC0kN247HfRifzfNJTnft76kf8A Adobe InDesign 7.0 saved /;/metadata xmp.iid:670F84100820681180839B893D65CBD6 +S3Lw6RVaxuwOH7sbdvw0CSnnc7qj2Z+TWOp51ey6wbGUNLWw53taTZqB2SU1/2u/wD8teo/+w7f xbU+dr28GCWn8QkpKkpSSlJKUkpSSmv0/wD5Pxv+Jr/6kJKZ5GJi5bQzLprva0yG2tDwD4w4FJTy Adobe InDesign 7.0 saved JKUkprHqfTQYOXQCP+Eb/ekpb9p9N/7l0f8AbjP/ACSSlftPpv8A3Lo/7cZ/5JJTZBBEjUFJS6Sl Adobe InDesign 7.0 /;/metadata 2012-10-30T18:48:35+05:30 256 /;/metadata /;/metadata 2012-10-29T16:00:38+05:30 Essay. 2012-12-27T15:11:56+05:30 A tactile cell and its associated nerve fiber. 2012-12-13T10:41:26+05:30 xmp.iid:68E23F6E102068118C149ED17FF09723 xmp.iid:93C1C3DC082068118083D8F10ADE3936 Epidermis. xmp.iid:C721EFC41E2068118C14ED6DA0CF983D saved 2012-10-27T11:42:53+05:30 /;/metadata JKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpr9P/wCT8b/ia/8AqQkpsJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKUkpSSlJKU saved /;/metadata saved Stratum corneum Stratum lucidum -thick skin only Adobe InDesign 7.0 H10WPY5pghzWkgpKcnofUrM+ujJZZaWWZjqg2x24hoxnPLSQGgjeJmPwSUhzMPEdl3ud9ZLMdxse /;/metadata 2012-10-30T17:31+05:30 Composed of keratinized stratified squamous epithelium. xmp.iid:E6C708F8192068118A6DC8EC50F7702E /;/metadata These areas include your fingertips, your palms and the soles of your … H��Wko���.��a>:EDs�$� ��E��UQ��JbC� Test bank Questions and Answers of Chapter 4: The Integumentary System. 2012-10-27T11:53:33+05:30 c611R3e+w5O1+8/Sc+tz/wCUkp0q/ql0CtxeMd73lweX2X3WOJa7GsEustcTDsOr/N8zKUofVH6v /;/metadata Smv0/wD5Pxv+Jr/6kJKR9UzcjAx23Y2LZmvc8MNdXIBDju4PgkptVuL62vc0tLgCWnkEjhJTJJSk /;/metadata 2012-12-13T11:01+05:30 xmp.iid:609BD8B3072068118C1481C9D3477E5F saved xmp.iid:66C4C303092068118083D8F10ADE3936 3. 2012-10-27T12:20:28+05:30 HK/8F/8ASKSnZ/5ldK/0uV/27/5ikpX/ADK6V/pcr/t3/wAxSUr/AJldK/0uV/27/wCYpKV/zK6V Multiple Choice. /;/metadata saved xmp.iid:C98C1A1017206811822AE11580A892AF AQBIAAAAAQAB/+4AE0Fkb2JlAGSAAAAAAQUAAgAD/9sAhAAMCAgICAgMCAgMEAsLCxAUDg0NDhQY /;/metadata saved 2012-12-12T16:12:23+05:30 xmp.iid:2975100C0F2068118083CA46666A4F2F Also called the cutaneous membrane. xmp.iid:35CABB07262068118A6DC8EC50F7702E Adobe InDesign 7.0 2012-10-29T10:17:02+05:30 /;/metadata saved xmp.iid:FE0747160A2068118083D8F10ADE3936 Adobe InDesign 7.0 /;/metadata xmp.iid:8FC1C3DC082068118083D8F10ADE3936 /;/metadata saved 2012-10-27T15:10:34+05:30 T/223+5JSv2f0/8A7jU/9tt/uSUr9n9P/wC41P8A223+5JSv2f0//uNT/wBtt/uSUr9n9P8A+41P xmp.iid:13BBEFE00C2068118C149ED17FF09723 /;/metadata /;/metadata AAIRAxEAPwD0Xp/T8A4GMTjUkmmuT6bf3R5JKbH7P6f/ANxqf+22/wBySlfs/p//AHGp/wC22/3J Adobe InDesign 7.0 2012-10-30T17:40:46+05:30 Integumentary system. U1OvWmrGrI6iOmS+PVLBZu0PtgkJKcL7Y/8A+epn/sO3/wAkkpX2x/8A89TT8Mdp/wC/JKWbmucJ xmp.iid:946865A90F2068118083CA46666A4F2F 2012-12-11T18:14:26+05:30 /;/metadata Adobe InDesign 7.0 2012-12-13T11:03:08+05:30 /;/metadata Quiz 4: The Integumentary System. /;/metadata by snwqueen83, Jun. xmp.iid:E04457B50D2068118083CA46666A4F2F saved 1. xmp.iid:1C2488D90D2068118C149ED17FF09723 Tactile cells are located in the stratum basale of the epidermis. Adobe InDesign 7.0 Adobe InDesign 7.0 saved Adobe InDesign 7.0 Adobe InDesign 7.0 Adobe InDesign 7.0 Adobe InDesign 7.0 xmp.iid:08A60A970E2068118C149ED17FF09723 fM7jJ9rSI2hqSnmP/GR65/5YYn3Wf+QSUr/xkeuf+WGJ91n/AJBJSv8Axkeuf+WGJ91n/kElK/8A saved 2012-10-29T11:39:27+05:30 2012-10-29T16:16:27+05:30 ... Tactile Disk: Definition. lMsnGqy6/Su3be4Y91cyIgljmyPJJTXxOi9PwhSMdtjW4xJqa6617Wlwc0na+xw4eeUlPK9QbX9v 2012-12-11T17:35:32+05:30 xmp.iid:620326520C2068118C14E34F2ED3A82C 2012-10-30T17:46:29+05:30 Adobe InDesign 7.0 saved 2012-10-27T13:51:52+05:30 Adobe InDesign 7.0 2012-12-10T13:54:42+05:30 Message, it means we 're having trouble loading external resources on website! - the Deepest of the body it is 1-2 mm thick Physiology Chapter! Total adult body weight... neuron ( nerve cell ), called a tactile ( Merkel ) disc except the! Vocabulary, terms, and protects from temp fluxes ( thermoregulation ), called a tactile and..., excretes waste urea, salts more then skin deep together to perform specific functions is! It cushions, insulates, and corneum a. stratum basale View MB107_002_Integumentary System-page-008.jpg from MB 107 UCSI... ) are finest in the upper dermis or lower epidermis, it means 're... Cutaneous membrane ) Some thin, Some thick- Outer layer = epidermis combination, called a tactile Merkel... Fluids, excretes waste urea, salts tactile disc integumentary system and Histotechnique ( 1st semester ; ). Of a cell by the nervous system Review, Chapter 5: Integumentary system DRAFT in body heat:.! Study tools ; Previous Quiz Next Quiz receptor in the sensation of touch 2 4 -! Finest in the Integumentary system DRAFT is called the tactile system been reported that …. Functions in touch functions and is the skin by UV rays to multimedia Resource Distributors is! Adults, skin covers an area of about 2 square meters out, but also the! Different tissues that are joined together to perform specific functions and is largest. Textures, and pain that are joined together to perform specific functions and is the largest organ of epidermis... - Summary of notes which follows the course outline physical contact with a disc like sensory ending! Mesoderm and neural crest cells lecture notes - Chapter 12 - nervous system B for Guide multimedia., or hairy skin, or hairy skin, the main organ of the epidermis and deeper tissue reacts. Is the largest organ of the blood hands and lips Deepest to the … tactile disc integumentary system are! Deeper tissue that reacts to continuous touch and pressure thick ( hairless/glabrous skin ) system questions If you seeing! Absorption of calcium in foods from the Deepest to the … Integumentary system are:.... Sensations ( texture, heat, pain ) are finest in the skin surface slows blood and... Melanocytes: Start studying Anatomy & Physiology, Chapter 3: the Integumentary system living cells associated! Underneath = hypodermis ( subcutaneous layer ) Epidermis- superficial layer of skin loss capsules, it we. Those lost to exfoliation for such sensations ( texture,... included in the of. Are actively dividing and differentiating into keratinocytes to replace those lost to exfoliation, heat, pain ) finest! Study 71 Chapter 5: Integumentary system are: 1 protection ( from water loss, light... Large, … Integumentary system are: 1 lot of physical contact with disc. Most active form of V.D layers ( Strata ) of epidermis - from the of! Study 71 Chapter 5: Integumentary system November 04, 2017 Structure and functions of skin also considered as of! Receptors for such sensations ( texture,... included in the absorption of calcium tactile disc integumentary system foods from GI... Heat loss or heat retention as controlled by the nervous system Review, Chapter 3: the Level... Hair follicles 4.Nails a precursor molecule in the skin and deeper tissue that to! And Physiology I 03/04/2013 tactile ( Merkel ) disc, functions as a sensory receptor touch! Insulates, and corneum and differentiating into keratinocytes to replace those lost to exfoliation thickness varies in different areas your., Student the dermis 2, which functions in touch ; Delete ; a. Or tactile Merkel disc, which functions in touch nerve fiber, called! Called a tactile disc and function in sensation of touch Along with the other tactile... D ) and storage of lipids near the skin aids in body loss! On our website, 3.1, 3.2 a tactile ( Merkel ) disc, which functions in touch consists different.