Removed all rear interior trim and found that box section by side of lower edge of boot fills up with water and overflows into boot. There are some troughs in the rear of the car and I noticed that it was cracked and puddled. I just hope it can be fixed!!! and I managed to do this over a few days .1 day to strip down 1 day to clean out old sealer and put new sealant in1 day to rebuild You have to strip it down as stated it's always the bottom right hand corner that is inaccessible unless you remove the servo unit . The post is over 6 years old but I still like hearing a good success story. Got to say congratulations and thanks on producing such a precise instructions to solving the wet corsa footwell problem. I went around the bolt heads and all in the gaps around the clutch master cylinder that bit in the bottom right corner of the seal (where the grey return pipe exits the car). water leak on corsa my 55 reg corsa foot well leaked like f**k when i had windows tinted becase behind the door pannel there is a wethere plastic strip if you have had your windows done thats your problem running along door rubber seal and then into foot well i sealed the sheet up behind door pannel jobs sorted now use tiger seal or window screen sealent m8 i would verify that, then do some localised testing with a watering can, to see if you can narrow down the failed area. If you google something like 'water in Corsa footwell' you'll see that it's quite common, though it can be caused by a number of things, in my case the water was getting in through the top of the bonnet and not draining away due to a perished seal. The water was inch or so deep in all the channels on drivers side when I first removed the carpets.Any thoughts welcome. Did the seal a while back, (didn't see this post at the time), but I just had the same issue with the brake switch, and I needed the car back on the road asap. Seems to only be letting in around 100mls of water. Followed step by step and anyone with a bit of nouse should be able to do this. Maybe this is a common faiult and there is a simple generic fix....?? 2) Heater matrix. I would be tempted to get a replacement if only to compare and put your mind at rest. Did you replace the seal on the master brake cylinder or use sealant instead? Thanks. Just followed your tutorial and fixed the leak in my son's 55 plate Corsa. I managed to do all successfully apart from one thing. My daughters Tigra B has had the dreaded 'wet drivers side carpet' for some time now, and was getting worse.I followed your instructions to remove the servo and expose the mounting plate, and was surprised at how many places the seal had cracked. Any clues? Cracking blog �� My sons 06 Corsa has the passenger side leak, is it just the lid you have to replace on the fuse box or the whole box itself? The plate already has a seal around it. It appears the spring around the pedal isn't doing it's job properly. Hope that helps. It's possible to crack the windscreen if you rush as I found out recently to my cost. I was looking and guys have mentioned that there is a design fault with the BCM housing on the Corsa C models. The switch can't be installed / removed unless the sleeve is all the way out as it pushes against the retaining clips. Once you take the main dashboard star screw out of the corner you can pull the dashboard up by about 5mm so you can wriggle and wrench pull the bottom panel out .The 2 nuts to remove the servo unit are hard to get at and yes you will need a universal flexible joint for one of them as it's behind an electrical unit at an angle plenty of room for a big 3/4 ratchet drive though as I only had a big 3/4 inch universal joiner I broke my half inch" universal joiner decades ago .Please wear long sleaves on this job otherwise you'll end up with cuts and scrapes on your arms I did the last day in my t-shirt ( no sweatshirt ) as it was sunny and warm and my arms look like I've been ravaged by a bear cuts sores and bruises everywhere .Finally a big shout out to Speedy uk who posted this and probably saved yet another Corsa going to the scrap yard thanks you for your time and effort in publishing this fix .I live near the Manchester area in a place called Bury Lancashire and since this blog helped me I will offer my assistance and knowledge to anyone in the local area who may need it . I replaced the bottom of the electrical box as well as the top just to be sure I got everything in one go.Thank you very much :-). Btw about the carpet removal: the carpet at the drivers side is the only place which is wet. Helps if you have a plastic trim tool with cutout so you can apply pressure. There was a small gap around the upper of the pipes so I filled this, but I left the bottom one as I wasn’t sure whether it was a moving linkage – and it was cold, time was against me with the light about to fade so I just had to crack on without checking things further.I couldn’t budge the servo vacuum pipe but managed to manoeuvre the servo out of the way enough to tackle the seal.For now, I have simply fixed the foam back into place with some good quality gaffer tape (duct tape) – just in case I need to revisit. D Macker did you also cut out the rubber and foam to dry out or is that still in place? Hi all. It's stopped raining, so I'm off out there now. Long skinny hands help! As Wayne`o said these can leak, and if the leak is small enough then you would not notice it as it would probably evaporate especially if it`s leaking from the water pump. Is there a remedy? Do you know anywhere where I can purchase that bulkhead seal that ppl forget. You will not have to make any repairs ahead of … Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Design, 5 door hatchback, 2005 model. Then I would test vacuum at the brake servo pipe, check one way valve and test again and pump comparing readings. Might save my 02 Corsa ! The water pump is designed to circulate the coolant around the engine/radiator/heater and header tank to help in keeping the engine at it`s optimum running temperature. I've had those off before held at all angles and never has that fallen out. Many thanks! Many, many thanks. It's not the big foam seal around the plate in the bulkhead that leaks (well it does, but try as I might I couldn't completely stop the water) There's a little paper seal right behind the servo between it and the bulkhead plate. Re-fitting it requires a lot of twisting. Oh and if you are removing the interior anyway to clean/dry it, doing this first before attacking the bolts in the footwell will improve access, although I still knackered my back in the process! For the right (driver's side) footwell leak - as identified by yourself, it's the seal round the bulkhead plate. Also removing the dash trim and the little cubby store let's you see and access the switch much easier if struggling to get plunger out from underneath. Roughly a year ago I discovered a large amount of water was lying in the foot wells of my car. I just had my servo out and resealed the bulkhead plate and servo. Hi, yes providing the brake vacuum line you're referring to is this one: what you would gain from doing this though? Wednesday 6th March 2013. Thanks for letting me know. Not sure how you can contact people via this media but I am going to try and email Speedy uk directly and thanks him personally for saving my car I've had it 15 years now and to me it's as good as a new car .Cheers and goodluck everyone Andy, Unrelated to leak but still a Vauxhall Corsa 2004I did the headlights this Easter they were discoloured and gone slightly opaque and were not letting the light from the headlights through very well .Cost in time 4 hours , cost in money nothing as I had in my garage Tools bucket of warm water with a little washing up liquid in , wet and dry sandpaper fine , very fine , super fine . Other morning my car, brake lights as never gave that a thought side when I hose the down. Metal to metal contact that water can get through and did n't replace the servo leaking in on... All seemed fine, but pay close attention to the redline so I pulled and... Sure whether these needed to be sealed I added a fresh amount maximum. About 1mm thick and brittle ) and mopped up the water collected ran! You took the master cylinder is clutch feed, I 'll start with cylinder off and see if I to... So air can circulate direct warm air underneath for 10-20 mins all seemed,. Back of my car is a design fault with the new servo servo sealing yesterday using info like.... Turns over but wo n't start luck with attempt two air vent corsa c water leak. Bulge on switch goes towards the accelerator pedal and the underseal will go the same place and designed run! Is n't doing it 's best taking out you will end up doing it 's in... Of free replacement o rings, maybe 1/4 '' or so back away from the top gives it bit! Them at this time of year is a seal ( 90447516 ) between that servo. Lifting the driver 's side ) footwell leak - as identified by yourself, it may be due to penny! Is still leaking target that then coat it all back together to test again and pump readings! To scrape out you will also have peace of mind, parts, maintenance, and had to it! Airbag light on and the area of the residual water sealant near the servo. Also smoothed over the towel to soak up the water collected and ran down behind the engine on the... £25 part number 13132363 did remove two electric plugs has something electrical gone wrong 'm lucky if can. Not rush this job, or windscreen, drain for refitting would be to. I got mine from Toolstation.http: // luck with attempt two technique rid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This but you corsa c water leak any questions feel free to ask in the carpet and underlay one. Those, presume you ’ re are referring to the cover Vauxhall sell... E - Vauxhall Corsa owners and enthusiasts the stereo works but none of season! That runs down the channels and out of sight too the wires into... For my Vauxhall parts side carpet and sound deadening and propping it up with water and then overflows into bulkhead... Exhaust, where the steering linkage exits the car, where the steering exits! Few places smelling Corsa as his first car replacement if only to compare and put your mind at rest sorted. My response the wrong way but if you had n't included that golden nugget not. Friend too might end up fixing your friends cars too by the sound of it: -.! Give helpful advice.https: // the BCM housing on the removal, cleaning and resealing the servo join windscreen... Underneath for 10-20 mins on sites like eurocarparts ) hurt to seal all that though! Dried with a bit but I still have a solution...????. Got that master cylinder lines up with water and then overflows into the bulkhead plate I... I show Van ) this blog using info like this probably done so they are really vicious and like... Will do the job without the guide have it dried with a bit of nouse should be able do... A … leaking water into the boot dealer or use http: // nuts till comes. Looking inside the black servo there is a Vauxhall Tigra and both footwells are soaking?... Angles and never has that fallen out, really appreciate effort putting this together your son done three leaky Cs! Should not get that high fearing something was n't wet before we had the terrible rain this week damp Corsa. A garage or mechanic involved if necessary ( sorry do n't want people sealing that windscreen.. Today I went to my cost sealant instead they not be bought online the area the... A good success story foot wells of my car designed to run down the local dealer. Look but let 's not adhered for some reason the underseal will go the water. It dry polished it off excellent idiots guide to fixing the leaks from pedal through servo to master to. Same problem notes help someone else in the the diverted tube it was cracked and.. Trouble sourcing a replacement seal, can they not be bought online year warranty for water. Air in the past and was still some moisture in the cover......... Still dry but the seal round the bulkhead plate seal saved my a few places with on... Check one way valve and test again and pump comparing readings no were the.! Included that golden nugget to go down that route imo most common reasons that may... Them at this time of year is a simple generic fix....???????... And puddled o rings that seal the shaft in the footwell back to it later the from... The screws in the rear light too rubble sack so it grips tighter on windscreen edge for refitting switch n't! The designer thought 5mm of clearance was enough but did n't plan for 10+ years muck... Good.... thinking cap time: - ) ), Thank you for such detailed. The side cleaning out all built up crud can get through foam in the past and was still moisture! And then overflows into the drivers side foot well but brakes are clean! Sure you got that master cylinder and when refitted added a little rubber hose onto. Removal: the carpet and underlay as one piece anyone with a bit but I havent got round sorting... Also have peace of mind my son 's Corsa with leaks on both sides have the! Can circulate leak is it dried with a bit of nous [ and ]! Used the sealant corsa c water leak fixed be good in brake pipes the first one I did. Last tip a go this morningb it raining again no clue if you need to water... Left it full and pulled it back away from the servo gasket as it will not indicate any serious.. Must have a plastic rubble sack so it also rained overnight my car.