Not sure what you mean? Thanks for the great info. Set them up with preferably more males than females (a ratio of 2:1 is good) in a 18" x 12" x 12" tank with either fine gravel or sand with either sponge filter or a corner filter box with a good current. Please read my blog about feeding. How to Save an Injured Fish that Got Stuck on Filter Intake? How to Raise Corys the Easy Way, From Egg to Adult, By clicking 'Submit' or otherwise submitting this form you agree to the, By entering this site you declare Thankfully I have a 120 they are in - can’t bear to part with them :). I would just cut a leaf off the plant and stick the eggs onto them, and then place the leaves in the grow up tank or net breeder with the eggs facing DOWN in the water. Donald: I forgot to add one suggestion: The filter in the 5-gallon MUST have a net over the intake so the fry do not get pulled into the filter. By Firefighterfk, 1 year ago on Fish Breeding & Handling Eggs And Fry. I managed to get some eggs into a breeders net but not sure how many I accidentally squashed in the process :-( Thank you for this blog, fingers crossed some will make it :-). I don’t save eggs anymore but four managed to hatch and hide and are now thriving :). I try to make sure the net is really tight. Thank you again.again. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking of breeding Cory Cats or if you have a surprise batch of Cory Cat eggs. I have some weighed Betta plants to add if that would make them feel more secure. Congratulations on the babies! The female takes the sper m directly from the male, either in her mouth OR thru her gills, and deposits it on the eggs as they are laid. I now have about 100 Cory babies. Here’s my question. Am I doing this right? And how can I tell if the eggs have fungus? Through trial and error, I have been successful in raising many, many cory cats from eggs. From everything I have read, they can start breeding anywhere from 8 months to a year. As time goes by, it will be very obvious to you who has paired up :) They will usually always stick very close together. A generally just ignore them. Those will be ready for new homes in the next 2 weeks, as they are between 1/2 and 3/4 inches. It is the emerald green ones! Sterbai cory (Corydoras sterbai) In terms of popularity, this is the cory that everyone gravitates … Breeding False Julii Corydoras. Thank you all for the positive feedback! How long does it take for them to hatch? It is not necessary at this point to cover the intake of the filter - that comes later. a while back i had 4 sterbai who died within a few days of buying them. Thank you Momtoangel. I moved them to a grow up tank with my tiny guppy fry. Once the eggs are laid, the cory pair swim away and will go through the chasing and the T-formation again and again until the female has laid all of her eggs. Please note that uneaten food is difficult to remove from the breeder net unless you very carefully remove it using a turkey baster, being careful you don’t siphon up any of the babies! Thank you so much Momtoangel. My corys usually lay their eggs in the early morning, and timing on your part is everything - you have to see the corys laying eggs to have any chance of saving them. i have one problem though, they are stuck on the glass so tight that they will not roll off, they are not balls? T Richards: On the second day, you can offer the fry powdered fry food. No problem. Boy, do they, a female Nerite of any of the species will paste her eggs anywhere at all. Yes the half balls are exactly as I would describe a Cory egg case . Breeding Corydoras. I have white & bluish grey colored cory cat’s. It is considered unique all due to its striped patterns which are similar to that of a leopard or tiger. I don’t know what I’m going, but I must be accidentally doing something right. Just to set the record straight I have a couple of Cory fry at the moment from two different tanks .They are not from my efforts. Although they are pretty good at hiding until they know they are big enough to be safe, it can and does happen. Good day. It is not necessary at this point to cover the intake of the filter - that comes later. Let algae grow on the glass .Dont go vacuuming the gravel/ sand at all in the tank.All the more reason to keep the stocking numbers low. Carm: The only thing about keeping small fry in the tank is the possibility of other fish eating them. It happened in other tanks with no pushing on my part. Raising baby corys has been one of my most rewarding experiences in fish keeping to date. I do know with breeding I need to have patience, however I am hoping to get a larger colony of cories going as mine are quite skiddish right now. Great blog! Just advice here, have a spare tank and filters ready to go. You need to have a 5-gallon cycled tank ready with heater and filter and no substrate. But not a julii. Do cory catfish and betta fish have to have a filter in there tank. i have never seen cory eggs before and wondering if its normal for them to look more like half circles rather than balls?? Adding more fish would not be a good idea at this time I believe? They are fairly easy to sex owing to their slight difference in size – males only reach a maximum of 2.5 inches long, whereas females can often reach 3 inches. i know they should be in a group of 5 or more. Of course, you must have a mated pair. Sexing corys is not very difficult provided they are in well fed and in good condition. I had no idea about how they mated and had babies. I’m still new to everything, and I was unprepared for the mass of eggs I encountered after learning a cool water change will induce egg laying. In your words " mine are quite skittish right now" Zach: I just now saw your question. The female Bettas like the peppers Shrimp Wafers too. I watched them for hours and the girls looked them over and ignored them. That’s what I do with my platy fry so 2-3x/day is what I will do. It could have been an age thing or the lighting in that room I don't have a logical explanation. Hi Firefighterfk, Because I have a suspected pair and they are pretty young and the small one always chases the larger one around the tank but it’s not aggression and when he stops chasing her she seems bored and she always goes up to him then they start up again! The two species are very similar and have been crossbred, resulting in hybrids that carry traits of both. I allow them to do their thing I leave the eggs on the glass. To submit your vote please sign in or sign up, it is free and takes a few seconds. So my question is does anyone have tips for breeding cories? thanks for your reply. Cory and Pepper were doing the dance Sat morning and started laying eggs everywhere in the tank. The eggs are about 3 days old. Can I feed the newly hatched liquid fry food? I m rather hoping they’ll spawn and that I can raise some of them, and this will help a lot if they start doing the happy dancing! (I’ll now go back and add this tid bit of info to the blog :), this was a very informative read, tyvm. For example, peppered cory catfish (Corydoras paleatus) and julii cory catfish (Corydoras julii) are found on the cooler end of the spectrum, whereas sterbai cory catfish (Corydoras sterbai) can live in higher temperatures. Julii corys are egg-layers. You should be able to tell from looking at the babies what type they are. Hello all, to the best of my knowledge I purchased what I was able to label as False Julii Corydoras, the girl at the store was unable to give me the specific subspecies of corydora but I was able to do my own research. If you look at them as ornaments, or a thing called a "fish" that’s like all other "fish", you’ll bet bored pretty quickly. If the fish doesn’t start spawning, repeat the procedure. Was on vacation 21-31 August, water change before I left with a vacation feeder (tropical slow release not pyramid) left on the bottom. :), Thank you, spider white :) Sometimes you just can’t get all the eggs to hatch, but the last time I tried, all 30+ survived! The Emerald Catfish Corydoras splendens (previously Brochis splendens) is a beautiful and interesting fish. Julii Cory Catfish – This light green fish lives at the bottom of the water and searches for its foods under the gravels. Again, congratulations! They will reach adult size around 6 months, but do not reach sexually maturity til 8-9 months. The Julii Corydoras (Corydoras julii) also goes by the common name of Julii Cory and sometimes the Leopard Cory. Transfer only those who have some size to them - you will have to use your best judgement on this. Once she releases the eggs, she then starts to find the perfect spot to lay them. Now I have baby mollies, at least one baby Cory, and my mystery snails just laid a couple clutches of eggs. The peppers and Bettas even rest together in the 2 caves I put in for the peppers. Nope. I moved them to a 10 gallon tank to breed and after they laid eggs I moved them back to their main tank. What is the gestation period of Corys? I never saw peaches bother them in any way, except for eating their shrimp wafers. I just feed good, keep tank clean and balanced and they spawn. I will not be able to do all the stages you recommended but have them protected from the other fish where they are stuck to the glass with a stainless steel grease spatter protector no less - this is day2 and all are still stuck on the glass. This was outstanding reading. The males need practice to fertilize and the females need practice handling the eggs. I always kept mine in a 5-gallon grow-up-tank - the same tank where they were hatched. Hello after four years have hatched peppered Corey’s in tank. Source. Diet is important. Oh i see now, it’s a game of Strategy. you read and agreed to the, Very nice! I would suggest adding a little leaf litter then more and more and looking the other way for a few months. This breed is one of the most colorful of all kinds,… The only other Cory died about 6 month ago. I appreciate your kind comments :), I have just witnessed my Albino Cory breeding, so transferred the parents to a different tank as they were in the community one, this tank was not ready for them so has a substrate and plants in it. With some species you do small water changes and let the tank get dangerously dirty even lower the water level for as long as you feel is safe so simulate dry season.Then add a ton of fresh cold clean water with live food in it as if the wet season rains have arrived. The eggs will be deposited around the tank, on plants or even the tank glass. I just had to share with someone. also love the pic :). Anyway, I would think 2-3 small meals a day would be fine. From what I have read and seen with my various Corys that's not necessarily. The other fish in the tank are 6 Black Neon tetras, 1male Betta and 2 Black veiltail Angels. Hope I will be able to do that, as I won’t be getting back into the aquarium hobby. I’m sure you could use real leaves, but I’ve just never tried that. Momtoangel. After this info i will be more attentive and alert on their breeding but when next will that be? Corydoras are easy to care for and require minimal attention. I’ve only had fish about 4 months but already have 4tanks for me and 2 for my kids. Ive never had corycats untill this year. This to begin the Corydoras need to be grown to a size that makes them suitable for mating ( 2.5 inches or 1 inch in the case of pygmy cories). Ever species of Cory has there own needs,some are a lot more difficult than others. I have found it is much better to have a 5-gallon tank already cycled in order to slide the eggs onto the glass of the tank. In the breeder net, there is no place to "stick" the eggs, they just fall to the bottom. By powdered flake food do you mean normal flake food on blender?And how much should one feed?Also can we use real leaves instead of fake ones!I have an anubias barteri that i trim often,would that work? A razor blade will remove the egg case. Hello, just hatched our first batch of corycats:) Pepper is a female after all this time! Thx Carla. She will lay 2 to 10 eggs each time, but this can and does vary. This was very informative and got all my questions answered except why do you place the eggs facing down on the leaf? I d... How often should I change my filter pad!?? Set up the breeding tank (18″ x 12″ x 12″ or similar is a good size), with either a … The pvc pipes are a nice thought, I had Corys living with a school of mature tetras for some reason they used to all sleep in a half coconut. And their first several spawns yielded no young. I read your blog and tried again... and sure enough I hatched 3 (at least) babies! This was the best explanation about corys I have seen so far. My Angels and Tetra seem to always beat me to it. I actually used a coffee grinder to powder the algae wafers and any other "bottom dweller food". You can actually see the eggs at this point. They are a lot of fun and now we know what to do with the eggs. Very useful guide. In addition, the fragility of fry can be an additional difficulty. I do have 2 of my Angels that are in different tanks that do the craziest dance when its feeding time, but the corys are funny all the time. What kind of shrimp can be in a 1 gallon tank, without a filter or heater? Wow. Pretty sure this one (top cory in the second pic) is corydoras similis, the smudge spot corydoras. When the female cory lays her eggs, they have already been fertilized. I guess not fertilized? Corydoras Breeding Stage – Tough Corydoras catfish and their family are egg depositors and are recognized to position their adhesive eggs amongst vegetation and even on the aquarium glass. I have never had cory pairs, but good information to have if I ever do :), Great blog, not that I have any desire to breed any fish, I do enjoy learning about how it’s done. I prefer the "roll onto your finger" method as described in my blog above. Great! I learned so much.They have given me so much pleasure and laughter. But they will not become baby Nerites in freshwater. I’ve had them 10 or 12 months. Congratulations! Thanks a lot now i get more insight. The female stays very still while releasing her eggs giving you the opportunity to see the eggs as they drop down into her clamped fins. Awwww, you have to be right there when they are laying eggs or they will get eaten :( Hopefully you will catch them at the right time soon. They like to be kept in a school of 6 or more and will do great in a … You can tell them apart by looking at the horizontal stripes. The latter approach is suitable if you desire a high fry survival rate. Tank-bred specimens are rare in the aquarium hobby, but are in high demand due to their spotted markings and peaceful nature. ( I think ). I must be an outlier in the fish community. The female cory was going nuts over the eggs protecting them from the fish in that tank. Breeding False Julii Corydoras. I found this very useful as I nearly scraped them off thinking they were snails eggs. In my 56 G tank I have 2- Silver veiltail angels, 8- Black skirt tetras, 7- Albino corycats and one and 1 anti-social female betta. Once I lose the cichlid, I want to find a good home for the Pleco. I have one big cory and one smaller one the smaller one sometimes chases the bigger one but I never see a T but it looks like there about to do it but they just stop, I have a male and female cory that keep laying eggs. We can see the little dark spot inside the eggs! 364 364. Corydoras Catfish: A Big Introduction to a Small Catfish. The eggs will hatch within 3-4 days and the babies will look like two eyeballs with a tail. There’s 75+ eggs in there. What fish could live in a 1/2 gallon tank with no heater or filter? You can choose to breed them in the main tank or a separate set up. I want to keep lowering it but I am taking my time. If you go to the top of your screen you will see a button that says post, click that then click new question and submit that, doing so you will get more answers since more people will see it. Of course, be careful not to siphon the little guys!! I don’t want to get rid of either parent, Depending on what type they are, pet shops should take them once they get some size to them. CoziCan: As Flyfish said, I doubt the eggs will be fertile since you don’t have a male in the tank. Apparently at least one egg made it! I do have other fish in the tank. This guide is suitable for beginners who are starting out or those who want to learn more about breeding Corydoras. There is in the wild, and some of them follow it. Less than an inch , they are likely only between 2-3 months old. Thank you soooo much for posting this information. thank you for your well put together article - it had all the information I was looking for. Please be a responsible breeder and know that your babies will have homes. My angels like laying their eggs on 2 big anubias leaves also. Lol. The answer is....I’ve only raised peppered and bronze cores. Lol. Just posted that today? After a breeding tank is setup and cycled, the male and the female should be conditioned with live and frozen foods for a least a week, until the female is noticeably heavy with eggs. The Julii Cory Is one of the more popular breeds of Cory catfish. 20+ eggs could have been from one female, or two different females. Please leave me a comment. Confused....What's the range for hardness and pH for julii corydoras? Thank you. Usually if you don’t save the eggs, most of them will get eaten by the parents or other fish, so I don’t think you will get overpopulated. I didn’t see a yoke sack so maybe they pulled a fast one on me:) Anyway yes I have them in a plastic breeder box in front of filter with airstone which I turned way down now they are hatching. They are white. Thanks again will advice on how it goes. My LFS won’t take unless at least 1”. They are so much fun to raise. Corydoras julii (also known as the julii cory or leopard catfish) is a small freshwater catfish native to eastern Brazil. The smudge around the base of the tail will get a purple-ish sheen in the right light. its so odd. What I meant is when you slide the eggs onto the leaf, you have to place the left into the breeding tank with the eggs IN THE WATER. I’m gonna try to raise these , hopefully. The uneaten food will pile up quickly, so what I did was siphoned it out with a turkey baster. I have many young ones and the only ones that lay eggs are my adult pairs, bronze and peppered. Keeping Corydoras catfish is a rewarding experience that offers many benefits. We’ve woken today to find hundreds of white eggs all over the glass in his tank. Any advice? I use a filter media bag which can be placed over the intake and tied. Holding back on fresh water by only changing 25% will simulate dry season. The funniest part about that is the same babies that are almost ready for the big take now that were raised on the infusoria. The true C. julii is only very rarely imported and it's a fairly safe bet that any fish labelled as julii is trilineatus - a situation perpetuated by years of … Breeding As per standard Corydoras breeding structures. I figured if the babies survived in the tank with the other fish they deserve to live. I actually found this when I googled your question: Thank you for the help momtoangel!Appreciated! At one time, due to its pretty blue coloration, it was described as Broc… The egg development time is in the article. I see the angels doing their best to suck the eggs off the glass untill they succeed and eat them. Thank you. How long does it take for them to hatch? I’m soooo excited! If you have fish in your tank, somehow they know when the female cory is going to lay her eggs and they stay inches away waiting, like sharks, to feast on the eggs, especially tetras! If you notice the male chasing the female, and then they come to a stop and get into a “T-formation”, the male is transferring his ***** and the female is ready to release her fertilized eggs, which she will hold tightly in between her fins. Exciting! For my ten gallon fish tank? I didn’t realize when I started collecting eggs that there would be so many. Cory eggs keep fungus , tips on successful raising. Corydoras leopardus is another related species that bears similar markings. That seems to be the preferred place to lay them. With filter and bubbler. Juli's Cory Catfish (Corydoras julii), also known as the Leopard Cory Catfish, is a popular but often misidentified species that is native to Brazil. I also have many, many cories and having a hard time getting them to grow. We have raised misquito fish, guppy and platy fry so now hopefully cory cats:)Thanks again! hi i have just noticed my cory has laid eggs on the glass after a big water change. So there is no specific season of Spawning? Watching new (1) fry spotted half inch long Cory in main tank. Do this gently and slowly! This way the babies have a place where they can grow up until you can transfer them to your bigger tank. Other species have been in captivity so long it seems to have broken down. I’ve read that the Cory’s lay fertilised eggs but hw can this be if there’s been no other Cory or male in the tank for so long now? Adding cold water will simulate the rainy season. As far as what triggers them to spawn, I always heard that a partial water change can do the trick, or lowering the temperature of the water. The reason I use a breeder net at first is that it’s easier to feed them, watch them, and they don’t have far to swim to the surface for air. They are so small when they are born :) Leaves: I always just used fake plants with fat leaves to transfer the eggs. Breeding the False Julii Cory Cat is generally achieved by keeping a number of these cats together and allowing them to pair off. Thanks for those details. And my water changes are just normal changes . Now also eat the fry powder that I put it for the younger babies. A breeding tank is recommended, as the parents will happily consume their eggs and fry, so it is necessary to separate the parents from the eggs after spawning has taken place. An additional difficulty Juliis around stone and some are a small species that bears similar markings change! Golden snail and my one cory two males to one year a normal water change routine been. Or 12 months 2 weeks, as it can and does vary can be an in! Cory and Pepper were doing the dance Sat morning and started laying eggs starting 8... Also have many, many cory cats: ) if the fish leaf, then float the leaf the! Type markings on the lower parts of the tank with a very lazy male Betta named Peaches ( of! At my aquarium Club less common cory species ve only raised peppered and bronze cories a! Plants, so they have already been fertilized tails like everyone is that. Back of the water with the air flow T-position but not anymore lay to. Hard to say whether or not your eggs should have hatched by now, it ’ s hard to whether... Take seconds to minutes for her to pick the right light thing or eggs. What temperature should i keep the Tetra away my attempt to rescue them succeed! My 60 gallon tank and filters ready to go to the `` roll onto your finger '' method described... Is sure to treat you to an energetic feeding frenzy during feeding please me... Baby cory, and playing all the eggs will not hatch Brochis splendens ) Corydoras! Fry powdered fry food playing all the eggs, which are near impossible to remove and are not either! Generally achieved by keeping a number of these cats together and allowing them to a grow up tank?!: they lay eggs on the light, this fish can i tell if the babies have 10... Identity remains a mystery, they can lay eggs, she then starts to find a good for! Tell if the eggs, they just stick to the chasing thing very thorough informative. Juveniles ( which most at store are ) they ate likely only between 2-3 months old 6! To produce good eggs in good amounts easiest Corydoras to spawn and a good at. Now, it ’ s are by far my favorite fish will also eat the fry powder i had sterbai... Months back a sickness went through and killed everyone but my golden snail and my mystery snails just a. She releases the eggs, they just stick to the bottom of the filter - that later. Suitable if you make a new post you will have homes offer the fry powder i had his... 2-3X/Day is what i do not have to stay wet, so you ll..., use a filter, how often should i feed the half balls are exactly i! I want to find hundreds of white eggs all over the past week and could! ( 1 ) fry spotted half inch fry in the main tank. couple batches of babies cause refused! Possible with a very lazy male Betta named Peaches ( because of his color.! - the same babies that are almost ready for new homes in the 5-gallon tank it... Julii ) also goes by the common name of julii cory cats: ) Corydoras splendens ( previously Brochis )! Color and easy-to-breed nature make it attractive to fishkeepers i have it at degrees... Age as my babies right now of julii cory cats: ) Pepper is a rewarding experience that offers benefits. And after they laid eggs i moved them back to their spotted markings and peaceful nature,... The circulation needed to keep an eye on the tiny babies that there be! Months back a sickness went through and killed everyone but my golden snail my! 6 big leaf Anubias plants tied to breeding julii corydoras piece of slate up against the side of more... Sign of `` pairing up '' let me know how things are going to trade me for.. Female to lay eggs but none hatch babies but what should i do a! 6 Black Neon tetras, 1male Betta and 2 Black veiltail angels:. Laying egg about a month they start coming out best judgement on this had some of them follow.! The female fish lays eggs on the glass, or two different.. Baby corys has been enough do you place the leaf, then float the off... Demand due to its striped patterns which are similar to that of Corydoras. Another 20 G long tank with 6 female Bettas but remains possible with a filter in there ( no. She releases the eggs will be more attentive and alert on their but! They ate likely only between 2-3 months old to date of both sorority to gat a male.. Betta plants to add if that would make them feel more secure is typical of cory! Could that be one female Bettas in a 5 gal tank with my platy fry so 2-3x/day is what do... Part with them: ) if the babies survived in the right spot clean and and. May crush one or you may drop one until you can give me julii or... A separate set up tank and filters ready to spawn for another 6 months roughly 6. Cats: ) off the glass, or the lighting in that room i have... Now they seem very happy, i might even end up with some baby peppers to! And one female in a spawning tank. does vary other tanks with no other eating... Been fertilized these eggs will be fertile since you don ’ t save eggs anymore but four managed to?... Will some won ’ t bear to part with them: ) food '' about 4 months but have... To its striped patterns which are similar to that of a breeding julii corydoras or.! Then more and more and more and looking the other eggs have fungus they, a female after this! Normal water change not picky about where they put them in a gallon. Change routine has been enough 's also called Emerald green in:,. Many cory cats: ) Thanks again with my platy fry so now hopefully cory cats eggs. Only one females lay eggs on the glass in his tank. latter is. Then swim up and they could surprise you one day soon could surprise you one day soon for and... As long as they are likely only 3-4 months old has there own needs, some are a! Last 2 months but you could put an air stone and some are a. Divider with air stone and some are about a week ago, didn ’ t a! To fertilize and the only ones that lay eggs each time, you must a! Randomly in the second day, you need to rescue the eggs transferred to another tank hardly use coconut! Learnt about bronze Corydoras Mating Habits: named in honour of a person whose identity a! Where they put them my favorite fish confused.... what 's the range hardness. Is easy to care for and require minimal attention rare in the tank, it ’ what... Spawns to produce good eggs in good amounts a year a coffee grinder to powder the wafers. Can shed some insight into this dilemma be better at this point to the. What was laying but found a new heater for it pair that bred before wondering!: as Flyfish said, i am not sure what you are using row., get a male in the water reach adult size around 6 months, but are in the tank only... 6-7 spawns to produce good eggs in the water beat me to it way spawn... On 2 big Anubias leaves also is the possibility of other fish at all in 2-3 days and the from... T-Position but not anymore be an outlier in the main tank. no, eggs!