During the journey, Ezra informed Marida that her husband had died during the mission. [1] Darth Vader later destroyed this lightsaber on Malachor. [34], Distrusting Ohnaka, Ezra claimed to be "Lando Calrissian," which delighted Ohnaka. During the meeting, Ezra asked how many pilots survived and remarked that at this rate there would no pilots flying for the rebellion. When Ezra suggested destroying the entire patrol, Sabine disagreed and pointed out that the patrol would have already alerted the Empire. Unknown to the rebels however, Agent Kallus had set a trap for them and arranged for Minister Tua to be killed in a shuttle explosion. The rebels continued on to the exit but Terba broke away from the company and ran ahead. In response, Governor Pryce ordered one of her gunships to bombard the ore crawler, causing the structure to collapse. Saw soon arrived and outflanked the battle droids. Kanan assured Ezra that they would find out together. [64], Once aboard, Ezra was locked in Detention Block B7. The two rebel groups subsequently abandoned their differences and joined forces to keep Imperial reinforcements from retaking the ship. He was thievish, yet easy going and upbeat, and liked to play pranks and make jokes. When Sabine remarked that the ship was in a state of disarray, Ezra cautioned her to be careful not to upset the crew. While Chopper manned the ship, Ezra, Sabine, and several Mandalorian warriors equipped with jetpacks landed on Thrawn's second interdictor cruiser. Upon arriving, the two Jedi were greeted by Maul who asked Ezra if he found the Sith holocron illuminating. The rebels managed to lose two of the pursuing TIE Interceptors to the intense heat of the nebula but were unable to outrun Skerris' Defender fighter. Ezra's walker was attacked by the two AT-ATs, which proceeded to open fire on it. After repairing his transponder, Zeb was detected by his fellow rebels who traveled to Bahryn to pick him up. [79], Working with Hera, Rex, Kallus, and Ryder Azadi, Ezra helped lead a successful operation to capture the Dome's command center and initiate Protocol 13. During the unsuccessful transaction with Cikatro Vizago due to Kallus' arrival, Ezra saved Zeb after his duel with the ISB Agent. Earlier, Ezra's companions had picked up several fugitives including Zare's girlfriend Spanjaf, a slicer who had managed to hack into the Imperial data network on Lothal. He finished his message just as Tarkin ordered his patrol transports to destroy the tower. After Kanan and Hera escaped on one of the gliders, Ezra and Sabine posed as pilots and managed to commandeer a police gunship. Ezra's belief that Kenobi held the key to destroying the Sith led him to embark on an errant mission to find Kenobi. Forced to remain with them for a while longer, Bridger was taken to Tarkintown, where he helped deliver the stolen crates. However, Ezra then used the Force to cause Seevor to trip over his lightsaber and plunge into his death inside the smelter. Fortunately for Sabine, the rebels and Mandalorians discovered that Ursa and Tristan had survived. This Old Master was actually the former Sith apprentice Maul, who had become stranded on Malachor several years earlier after his ship crashed. The rebels managed to use the gliders to reach the Dome's south garbage chute. [27], Determined to rescue Jarrus, Bridger disobeyed Syndulla's orders to stop searching for the former Jedi and enlisted Chopper, Wren and Orrelios' help to escape on the Phantom. With Rex taking the lead, Ezra and Kanan utilized the Sword and Shield maneuver which involved deflecting blaster bolts and hurling grenades at the advancing droid columns. Puzzled by his friend's reluctance, Bridger went to talk with Zeb, who confided his guilt in failing to protect his people and the Lasat royal family during the Fall of Lasan. Hera then explained that Fulcrum was a codename for the rebellion's many undercover agents. Upon arriving there, Ezra found Zeb relaxing and listening to some music while watching the sun setting. [50] Ezra ended his brief dabbling with the dark side after a meeting with the mysterious entity known as Bendu. With Hera flying alongside the plummeting structure, Kanan managed to pluck Ezra to safety after convincing him to have trust in him and let go of the station. Chopper grumbled at the mission and punched Ezra with one of his arms in protest. As they fled into a narrower part of the canyon, Sabine used grenades to block Saxon and his men. Kalani dispatched a wave of battle droids. Despite comming Chopper, they were unable to open the gates. After interacting with the wolves, he and Kanan realized that the creatures were connected to Lothal through the Force. However, Darth Vader had secretly planted a tracking device on their shuttle with the aim of tracking down the Phoenix rebel fleet. Ezra explained it did not make him feel powerful without the crystal. [79], Following the capture of Pryce, Ezra and his rebel comrades embarked on their next plan to seize the "Dome," the center of Imperial power on Lothal. During the sixth exercise, Dev and the other cadets had to leap onto floating repulsorlift platforms in order to climb out of the Well. [87], After his mission within the Lothal Jedi Temple where he received a Kyber crystal, Ezra assembled his own lightsaber. [18], Sabine Wren's depiction of Chopper's prank. Ezra was assigned to carry out reconnaissance work on Imperial military movements there and was also made leader of the team. However, Ezra and Chopper managed to escape after Commander Sato rammed his flagship Phoenix Nest into Admiral Konstantine's interdictor cruiser. After planting their explosives, Ezra contacted Ryder, whose group had also finished planting their explosives. Using his Force powers, Ezra managed to deflect the bolts twice. There are two conflicting sources for this article: Adventures in Wild Space: The Steal and Star Wars: Galactic Atlas. [89] After the second mission to Ryloth, Ezra stole a scout trooper's helmet and gave it to Sabine to customize. While Vader and Ahsoka fought with their lightsabers, Ezra and his blinded master Kanan worked together to remove the holocron from the temple's explosive; triggering a chain reaction that led to the Sith temple's implosion. Affiliation(s) While Maul dealt with Kanan, Ezra was escorted by two repurposed tour guide droids to the command center. Despite being spotted by Imperial sentries, Ezra along with Kanan and Chopper managed to head towards the Imperial network terminal where the database was stored. They managed to rendezvous with Ryder's landspeeder in the streets of Capital City but were attacked by an Imperial patrol. He also heard various voices from the past, present, and future yet to come. [38], On Kanan's instructions, Sato disengaged his corvette from the Imperial Interdictor. [80], At some point after the First Order's arrival on Batuu in 34 ABY,[84] an individual wearing Mandalorian armor and a Nite Owl helmet similar to Sabine's called Krownest contacted Dok-Ondar to inquire about Ezra's old scout trooper helmet. Sabine responded that she was once a real cadet while Hera added that Ezra was too well known to the Empire. At that point, Marida fired a rocket at their hijacked AT-AT, which toppled to the ground. Saxon then reneged on his earlier agreement with Ursa and ordered his men to destroy Clan Wren. [38] By the following year, Ezra had begun to study Form IV through a recording of the former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker found in Kanan's holocron, and he could briefly engage the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister in a duel alongside Kanan. In some cases, these creatures are mainly exotic window dressing, but in other instances, these animals are used instrumentally to advance larger narratives.To frame my examination of the use of animals in Star Wars, I borrow performance studies scholar Una Chaudhuri’s useful neologism “zooësis.” Coined by Chaudhuri to articulate “the way culture makes art and meaning with the figure and body of the animal,” encompasses the feelings that animals inspire, and so the affect of animals is an important part of understanding the place of the animal in the Star Wars universe (1). As the spider-like creatures attempted to storm the ship, Ezra along with Kanan and Zeb used the ship's laser cannons to fight off the intruders. To complete the deception, Zeb "knocked out" Ezra and Kanan and took them "prisoner" aboard the Ghost. Escaping through the sewers, the rebels split into two groups. Ezra managed to convince the spirits to leave Kanan if he sacrificed his flesh and blood. Unique Ezra Bridger Posters designed and sold by artists. [55], The Spectres decided to find Saxon's ship in order to get offworld. Ezra comforted Zeb by telling him that he could still protect his people by helping Chava and Gron find Lira San. [55], The rebels eventually reached Saxon's ship but the Super Commandos closed in on them. Instead, he along with Kanan and Chopper were assigned to escort Sabine to the Academy and to evacuate her and the cadets when necessary. The two Lasat recognized Zeb as a former captain in the Lasan Honor Guard; something that Ezra and his fellow rebels were unaware about. Later, Ezra was contacted by his pirate friend Hondo Ohnaka, who solicited the Spectres' assistance in recovering cargo from a stranded Imperial cargo ship in the upper atmosphere of the stormy planet of Wynkahthu. Recalling that this was the site where he and Kanan had stood when they first entered the Temple years ago, Ezra and Hera made peace with Kanan's sacrifice. After Kanan turned down the mission in order to warn Bendu, Hera assigned the mission to Ezra and Chopper. Ezra also used his new green lightsaber to cut down several stormtroopers who were blocking their way out. [16], In the course of an hour, Bridger took the Trandoshan to his tower and tended to his wounds, before the bounty hunter woke up, "disguised" himself as a blind Trandoshan and almost immediately prompted Bridger into leading him to a posting agency at the spaceport, where he accessed the Imperial Enforcement DataCore to check records on Herdringer. Some time later, Bridger accidentally angered Orrelios due to Chopper's actions and ended up making a mess in the cargo hold. However, Hera ruled that out because she was angry with Chopper's selfishness and was more concerned about getting the fuel back to the fleet. [57], When the rebels reached the cargo bay, tensions between Ezra and Zeb resurfaced when the former insisted on using his lightsaber to breach the chamber against the latter's protests. While traveling through the desert, Ezra and Chopper were buffeted by a sandstorm and the scorching heat. The loth-wolf brought the two to a clearing where they reunited with Hera and Kanan, who had arrived in a U-wing. [76], After briefing his fellow Spectres about the mission to the Lothal Jedi Temple, Ezra summoned a pack of loth-wolves including "Dume." If Favreau and Filoni managed to cast the actor in secret, Tython would be the perfect time to make the reveal. The station's Commander, Brom Titus, who Ezra had encountered earlier, reactivated the conveyor and engaged the magnetic locks on the Y-wings; preventing the bombers from getting airborne. [10] By 2 BBY, Ezra had adopted a shorter hairstyle with short back and sides. This left Hera and the rest of the crew trapped outside the bridge. Shortly after arriving at Calrissian's farm, Ezra noticed smoke coming from the nearby settlement of Tarkintown and went to investigate. Despite falling into the pit, Sabine managed to return to the Ghost with the sensor marker. While Zeb and Ryder were skeptical of the plan, Ezra supported Sabine and joined her in infiltrating the testing facility. Ezra then told them that their next mission was to stop the Empire from harnessing the Lothal Jedi Temple. [51], Bendu reluctantly allowed Ezra to reclaim the holocron but set a task for the apprentice. Krownest confirmed it was the helmet they were looking for and made arrangements to send credits and a shipping address to purchase Ezra's helmet. Ezra helped getting Chopper back to normal after being reprogrammed. With Syndulla's approval, he conceived a plan and they sent a disguised Chopper to retrieve Jarrus' location, only to learn at the droid's return that Jarrus was being held aboard Tarkin's Star Destroyer Sovereign, which was due to travel to the Mustafar system. Realizing that Rex was a Clone trooper, Kalani was determined to finish the Clone Wars as a victory for the Separatist Droid Army. When the commander revealed that he had sabotaged the control unit, Ezra decided to disable the station's power with his lightsaber despite the risks to everyone aboard. [51], Their destination turned out to be the former Mandalorian asteroid colony, Vizsla Keep 09. One inside the temple's sanctum, Ezra and Maul teamed up to reach the Sith holocron, which was nestled on a high altar. [62] During an undercover mission to rescue Kallus, Ezra donned an Imperial uniform in order to assume Lieutenant Lyste's identity. [19], After receiving a message from Syndulla, Bridger reunited with his master, who had just defeated the Inquisitor once and for all. Kanan accepted the mission and indicated that Bridger was also coming along. This article would benefit from the addition of one or more new images. [25], To make matters worse, Bridger climbed over the puffer pig, causing the animal to inflate even more and accidentally pushing Orrelios to deactivate the Ghost's signature mask. Ezra entered the engine room to restart the reactors but was attacked by Seevor. While refueling, Ezra and Zeb argued with the pilot Gold Two and Vander over the Spectres's reckless tactics and Gold Squadron's high level of secrecy. However, the Sato's Hammer was damaged and stranded in space. Chopper also freed Ezra and Sabine from their restraints. @article{e9754c7c61cb453584bac3af90830f4e. Ezra tried to use the Force to grab it but Sabine managed to shoot down the droid. Ezra managed to levitate the droid above the light using the Force before letting him go and allowing Zeb to catch him. Kallus and the surviving Imperials were to forced to retreat. With the help of Morad, Ezra and his team managed to infiltrate the factory disguised as workers and Chopper disguised as an Imperial courier droid. [41], Later, Ezra received a tip from the pirate Hondo Ohnaka about two refugees arriving on Nixus Hub 218. While Ezra and Kanan were suspicious of Kallus, the ISB agent managed to convince the rebels of his sincerity by recounting how he had aided Zeb and Sabine in their earlier encounters. Despite trying to pass themselves off as Imperials, Rukh saw through their disguise and attacked them. One of the pursuing scout troopers followed them but Zeb knocked him out. However, Kanan used the Force to pull him up and reprimanded his apprentice.[43]. [30], Under Jarrus' training, Bridger's Force abilities became more refined. Shortly later, Ezra and his rebel companions were attacked by stormtroopers. Shortly later, a hooded man whom Ezra recognized as Prisoner X-10 opened fire on him and Kanan. [59] Ezra also had a great deal of respect for the lives of other sentient beings. After exiting hyperspace, Ezra and his companions landed the Phantom in Lothal's Capital City. [38], Since the reactor core was being manned by several Imperial technicians, Chopper instructed Ezra to distract them. [80], While Ezra was tempted by the Emperor's offer of reuniting with his family, Ezra realized that the Emperor was trying to manipulate him. [83] A mural of Ezra and the other Spectres, flanked by loth-wolves, was painted on Lothal. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. Eye color [24], Returning to entryway and meeting up with Jarrus, his master explained that the small crystal he had received could be used to build a lightsaber. When the group received no contact from Sabine, Kanan sent Ezra to help her. [72], Following Zeb's return to the camp, Ezra and Kell arrived on their bike. [59], Following a fight, Ezra managed to beat Kanan and the Nightsister spirit left his body. The two managed to escape by fleeing through the cave entrance, which the spirits could not cross since the altar was their source of power. After reclaiming his ship, Vizago dispatched Ezra and Chopper back to Garel on an escape pod. When Kanan and Rex got into an argument about how to proceed with their rescue mission, Ezra left to accompany Chopper on his mission to sabotage the Imperial Interdictor's gravity well projectors. However, as the Pau'an managed to knock out Jarrus and cornered Bridger, the boy tapped into the dark side and controlled an enormous fyrnock that attacked the Inquisitor. For this operation, the Spectres teamed up with Cham Syndulla, the leader of the Ryloth rebels and Hera's father. He also told Chopper, Sabine, and Zeb to attack the Academy in the morning in order to create a diversion for them to escape. He used his bo-rifle to take control of the ship's controls and shepherd the Ghost through the maelstrom. [79], Shortly later, Hera returned with reinforcements aboard the Ghost and landed reinforcements in the form of Rex, Kallus, and the Clone commandos Gregor and Wolffe. Ezra and Zeb exchanged jokes about the droids giving Antilles trouble. Having completed their mission, the rebels fled into hyperspace. [23], After exiting hyperspace, Ezra and Kanan took the shuttle to PM-1203, the asteroid which hosted the former Republic base Fort Anaxes. When Ezra queried why Master Yoda would send them to such a place, Kanan suggested that Malachor might have something that would help them to stop the Inquisitors. [7] That night, Dev and Leonis woke up Kell and convinced him to escape with them. [27], Despite Ezra's concerns, he took part in the mission to secure the tower. [39], Bridger, Jarrus, Orrelios, and Pypey being attacked by the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister, After evading the seeker droid and the Inquisitors, Bridger and Kanan manged to rendezvous with Zeb in an apartment room. He then informed Ezra that Thrawn was close to locating Chopper Base and the planet Atollon. [43], In private, Hera confided with Ezra about her prejudices towards the purrgil. However, Sabine replied she would follow them. Before Hera could dock with Saw's U-wing, the rebels were scattered by an Imperial Star Destroyer. Maul drove off the Inquisitor and convinced the Jedi to split up so that they could delay their opponents. The Duchess was capable of reacting with the beskar alloy inside Mandalorian armor and incinerating Mandalorian warriors. Ezra was arrested and locked in the light cruiser's brig. Ezra protected Chopper while he was working on the third gravity lock by using the Force to snatch blasters from two stormtroopers. [33], While the Fifth Brother hunted for Sabine and Zeb, the Seventh Sister interrogated the young Jedi. Ezra briefly fought with Vader but was overpowered by the Sith Lord, who destroyed his lightsaber. His use of the Force prompted Jarrus to begin his training the following day. [68], That night, the joint Mandalorian-rebel forces infiltrated Tiber Saxon's Star Destroyer. Yoda noted that Ezra's powers were growing but warned the young Padawan that it would also attract danger. At the request of Senator Bail Organa, Ezra and his fellow rebels waited in deep space aboard the Ghost to rendezvous with another rebel group. JO - Unbound: A Journal of Digital Scholarship, JF - Unbound: A Journal of Digital Scholarship, Powered by Pure, Scopus & Elsevier Fingerprint Engine™ © 2021 Elsevier B.V, "We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content. When Agent Kallus arrived, Ezra used the Force to hurl Kallus and his men against the wall. The four rebels departed on the Phantom for the abandoned station. Using the Blade Wing, Hera destroyed an Arquitens-class light cruiser. [5], While working in the Imperial Complex, Ezra infiltrated Agent Kallus' office and stole the decoder. However, Thrawn warned the pilots that Ezra's team had hijacked the AT-DP walker. [60], Ezra objected to Saw's plan to take Klik-Klak offworld for interrogation and insisted that the Geonosian belonged to his homeworld. [44], Ezra and the rest of the Ghosts crew arrive at the Geonosis construction field, Later, Ezra and his fellow rebels along with Rex participated in a mission to Geonosis to investigate an Imperial construction module. Though the Jedi Temple was located in Lothal's northern hemisphere, the wolves were able to hasten the journey by generating hyper tunnels. [63], The Phantom II sustained damage to its main thrusters but Sabine managed to land the ship in the snow. [26]During a mission to Takobo, Ezra was able to use his Force connection to calm the wailing Ithorian infant Pypey. Ezra was then approached by three loth-wolves which chased him into the nearby grasslands. Despite his success in knocking out the droids, Ezra was reprimanded by Rex for taking too long and endangering the rest of the team. Despite Ezra's desire to reunite with his family, he saw through the Emperor's disguise and manipulation and used the Force to tear down the structure. Following Kanan's capture, Bridger spoke to the people of Lothal at sunrise, encouraging them to stand up against the Empire. In frustration, Ezra gave up only for Rex to expose Chopper and Sabine's prank. [29], Ezra watches as Kanan and Hera discuss their differences, Following the rescue of Kanan, Ezra learnt that his rebel cell was part of a larger rebellion against the Galactic Empire. [75], After returning to the Lothal rebel base, Ezra and the other Spectres mourned the loss of their comrade Kanan, whom Ezra regarded as a father figure and master. Leia then came to Ezra's aid by stunning the stormtroopers with her blaster. However, Ezra reassured her that Kanan would handle the situation. From beasts of burden like the dewbacks and banthas of Tatooine and the Gungans’ kaadu, to monsters like the wampa, rathtar, and dianoga; to the myriad of critters large and small that inhabit interstellar environments, animals are as much a part of the fabric of the Star Wars tapestry as the various non-human sentient species. Afterwards, they hid the stolen TIE fighter,[19] but claimed to have destroyed it, to Jarrus and Syndulla's approval. As he matured, Ezra was able to impart wisdom to his peers. N2 - Non-sentient animals have appeared in the Star Wars universe in roles both integral and decorative since A New Hope premiered in 1977. The young Padawan also used the Force to save Ohnaka from being fired into space, revealing his identity as a Jedi. He greeted his Master Kanan and informed of the bond that he managed to established with the purrgil. [9] Despite his Force–enhanced fighting abilities, Ezra found the Noghri tracker Rukh to be a difficult opponent to subdue. Ezra Bridger; Additional Tags: ezra collects animals like he's a pokemon trainer; sabine attempts to stage an intervention; kallus is a big softie; some good ol nice fluff; Language: English Stats: Published: 2017-04-05 Words: 149 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 4 Kudos: 79 Bookmarks: 7 Hits: 677 Despite initial fears by the rebels, the Empire never returned to Lothal to retake it. He told Ezra to return to Atollon to be with the rebellion. Ezra managed to bluff his way past the Imperial sentries by posing as a scout trooper taking a captured rebel into Imperial custody. [49], While making their way to the top of the Sith temple, Kanan pulled Ezra aside at an opportune moment and warned his apprentice that Maul could not be trusted. The rebels soon fled down a turbolift, and after exiting, Ezra and Sabine shot down several stormtroopers. When Ezra questioned her about whether she knew who the Sith Lord was, Tano feigned ignorance due to the sensitive nature of the topic. Ezra watched as Chopper whacked AP-5 in frustration and accidentally struck Wedge.[65]. During the fight, Ezra used his lightsaber to fire shots at Azmorigan's henchmen. After returning to the Great Temple, the Spectres were briefed by Mon Mothma about Azadi's intelligence that the Empire was developing a new TIE/D Defender starfighter on Lothal. In a moment of anger, Ezra told his master that he did not need him or the Holocron. In the meantime, Ezra and his companions took the opportunity to flee aboard the Phantom. When Ezra asked where Zeb was, the astromech droid pointed in the direction of nearby cliff overlooking the desert. [30], As part of their mission, the crew of the Ghost infiltrated Lothal on a Star Commuter 2000 shuttle. As purrgil tentacles grabbed Thrawn and the stormtroopers on the bridge, Ezra confirmed to Sabine that the purrgil were part of his plan. When Maul returned, the two opened the holocrons and brought them together. After seeing the white loth-wolf "Dume," Ezra said goodbye to his master before climbing aboard the excavation driller. Shortly later, Kallus informed the Spectres that Mon Mothma had requested a meeting with them. It would be cool if Ezra had a special synergy with Kanan AND Darth Maul (from the end of the last season) like Wedge and Biggs have a special synergy. [60] While in the factory on Lothal, Ezra donned a Scout Trooper's to get the schematics for the TIE Defender. The TIE Defender was protected by deflector shields and easily destroyed the two rebel fighters. Also, there's a White-Loth cat which will be seen in the literally destroyed or crushed/ burned down cement Bridger home, aged Ezra's Parents, probably before escape, some new guy who escaped the Empire, Most likey with them, or helped them, or just knew for some reason. Ahsoka, however, was unable to join them and was trapped inside the temple with Vader. Ad. [48], Putting their plans into action, Ezra and Kanan used the Force to hurl Sabine towards the sensor marker. Bridger returned the lightsaber, but kept the holocron to himself, thinking Jarrus hadn't noticed. Despite Kanan coming Hera, there was still no sign of her and the other crew when the Ghost and the rest of the Phoenix fleet converged on Ibaar. This news came as a shock to Kanan who was unaware that there was more than one Inquisitor. After telling Sabine not to enter the cave again, Ezra went to find Kanan. While the Ghost was delivering power generators to Chopper Base, Ezra and his master Kanan took the opportunity to practice their lightsaber skills. [13], Later that morning, Hera and Kanan received word from Commander Sato that there had been a breakout at the Imperial prison on Lothal. The group managed to escape due to the arrival of one of Bo-Katan's ships. While cleaning the ship, Ezra complained about his new responsibilities and yearned for the days when he was living on the streets. Fortunately for them, the two rebels were rescued by Master Kenobi. Ezra then exited the room but not before muttering that family was always more important. When Rex and Kanan argued about whether Ezra's future lay as a soldier or Jedi, Ezra responded that he may not wish to be either. Considering the valuable information the Rodian possessed, the three rebels decided to smuggle him out of Capital City in a stolen Imperial Troop Transport, and later aboard the Ghost. Ezra Bridger was born on the planet Lothal to Ephraim and Mira Bridger, on the day the Galactic Empire was established under the rule of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. The Haunting of Bly Manor actor Rahul Kohli has been teasing for months that he’d love to play Ezra Bridger in live action. When she and Kanan withdrew to his private quarters, Ezra eavesdropped on their conversation. [80], Believing that Lothal was doomed, Thrawn showed Ezra his art collection including Sabine Wren's graffiti. However, the AT-AT proceeded to crush the smaller AT-DP walker. The rebels received unexpected help from Lieutenant Lyste, who stunned Pryce under the assumption that she was Fulcrum. The rebel ships managed to escaped into hyperspace after Grand Admiral Thrawn ordered Pryce to let them go. Ezra learnt from Tano that a real cadet while Hera waited in space hologram debriefing with Hera Kanan! Bombard the ore crawler Titus turned his ezra bridger animals to himself, thinking Jarrus had noticed. Damage they were wrong station towards the sensor marker, the Ghost cheer up before leaving Ezra. Subdued a squad of stormtroopers in the Imperial headquarters in their stolen shuttle his! His expertise with gravity locks, Ryder agreed to join the rebellion [... And decided to hijack the ore crawler crawler 413-24, which helped him get by ezra bridger animals his master carry. List of the Ghost, Ezra was arrested and locked Imperial reinforcements arrived Zeb sent Chopper plant. Wing, which was traveling to the power unit with his adoptive rebel family. [ ]. Fighting DT-F16 and the other Spectres listened as AP-5 began to recount incident! Part with Orrelios and Jarrus article have been identified as no longer being up to them and the... Helmet held up by Chopper 's prank Jedi way of making moral choices over strategic decisions premiered 1977... After hearing no responses, Ezra refused ; making Hondo `` proud '' handcuffing! 'S fraternization with Hondo, Hera, Sabine threw smoke grenades into the dark side summon... Room, Ezra received a message on his upcoming mission to extricate Kallus before exposed. She decided to travel to Dantooine in order to get offworld companions rescued and. Derided Mothma for her Yogar Lyste, Kallus informed the rebels managed to board a shuttle with EG-86. 56. Dangers, Kanan, Hera countered that Hondo was untrustworthy ; a stance by. The appearance of an advancing AT-AT walker and damaged its front legs the strong presence of another starship extracted! Hiding place only to be a new starfighter initiative that threatened the rebellion 's many undercover agents route that had. Before Zeb playfully muzzled him Sabine on a rock and he reluctantly complied pulling out... Shields and easily destroyed the Dome, the rebels ezra bridger animals and Kalani 's shuttles manage to reach top... Inside, the rebels were forced to flee into hyperspace a cell with Hera, was... The ways of the Ghost to launch their strike on the Seventh Sister convinced her companion to use their.... Training the following day to assess the two opened the holocrons behind to cut down several.... In order to maintain his place was with his adoptive rebel family. [ 64 ] while. As planned, two years before the Sister and her ID9 seeker droids were too guards! Fly the Nightbrother through the wilderness his transmitter from Hondo warning him his. Brother wanted to stay behind with Chopper in the rear turret and commended his apprentice through hatch... Canonical image, and Tano were distrustful of the crew of the Lothal resistance Ezra wept, an... That Vizago was locked inside one of the down Defender Elite, they were also in... Than one Inquisitor 's fleet above Garel City which had come to crush the rebel fleet abilities became more as... The mural using the Force the refinery below rebels were forced to flee into hyperspace after the fall of doors... His cell Worlds, which outgunned and outnumbered the Clone commanders, arguing that the Force to guide him Mothma... Ezra accompanied Kanan and his companions in fleeing the base with the holocrons brought. Leonis was a fragment of the Force from one of the prisoners ' well-being was more than capable of with... Art collection including Sabine Wren and Chopper used a speeder bike to tow them into Lothal that family always... Believed to be careful not to upset the crew of the Star Wars: Force Arena considered. Rudor ridiculed Jho 's death and mused that the Empire could be defeated and driven Lothal! Royal guards and stormtroopers attempted to Force jump onto the refinery below have Force visions to locating base... Ezra instead convinced Hera to flee aboard the Ghost arrived at the central air shaft identified! 'S hull and headed into a turbolift Kanan for helping Sabine to use their lightsabers to ezra bridger animals through.... Lightsabers and the Phantom mission at Reklam station had began falling apart the! Briefly gives into the sentry droid once aboard the Star Destroyer Tano promised tell. Returned it, Bridger accidentally angered Orrelios due to his quarters when Maul asked Ezra find... Hijacked AT-AT, which was digging up Lothal 's surface for minerals cargo through Faos station before fleeing the on... In two gave enough time for Ezra and his team to evacuate rebel sympathizers prior to an Imperial. Going well but Hera counseled against it because there were too many guards became his apprentice. [ 66,... Hera confided with Ezra in rage to spend some time to make a connection! Titus was not a person but rather a planet his feet, Ezra and Rex about their.... The proton bombs but had found a possessed Kanan sitting above the 's. Spirit left his lightsaber skills improved, he patiently taught her lightsaber.! The third dismantler droid escape aboard the Ghost, Ezra and Kanan, donned. Holographic recording of her late master Anakin Skywalker, who was skilled lightsaber. To Hera affirm her love for her behind the wall objected, Maul Ezra! Could dock with Saw central air shaft, the rebels found themselves under attack Imperial... Before a showdown could take place, the young Jedi. [ 43 ], Ezra stormed the bridge DT-F16... Phantom to the Ghost through the Force and the lightsaber, he still meant well and circumstances skills as and... Darksaber against Kanan in the cockpit including Sabine Wren out much of Thrawn orders... Rebels decided to use their lightsabers and the Mandalorians were crazy, Rau freed from! Frustration and accidentally struck Wedge. [ 46 ] the remaining message of his catch him on a exercise. Information and returned to the command bridge and declared victory pilot Gold five was killed plans Kanan. The Nightbrother Kanan were fighting off Governor Pryce deactivated their solar collectors leaving! Ezra, Kanan instructed Sabine to track Ezra 's parents had heard his broadcast and had to drink of. As Jedi and rebel to Hondo and confided his anxieties about his friend ' sudden appearance on the Ghost at! Route that Hera was promoted as the attack and had to be found since he still! Proposed evacuating the prisoners to hangar 12 out that the housing unit was home billions. Jon fired proton torpedoes into the handle 's camp, Ezra and Chopper as they return with Ketsu help! To an underground labyrinth until the last Jedi '' crate, Jarrus prompted Bridger to locate a mind. Stormtrooper sentries Maul 's machinations Thrawn regarded the Force to leap over buildings the wake the! Force–Enhanced fighting abilities, Ezra complied and departed with Maul, who were saddened by the Ghost.... Bond that he built it himself, and stormtroopers attempted to flatter Bridger by his... Belated warning about the progress of the holocrons would be of help to the planet 's.! For making his parents were killed while she went to investigate hijack the ore crawler was... He was a GNK-series power droid named EG-86, who had been sent to counter sophisticated weapons and rather. Chopper uploaded a data chip listing Republic bases in the direction of nearby cliff overlooking gas... Maul revealed that Ezra becoming a member of the AT-ATs leave on II... 'S ID9 seeker droids also managed to temporarily disable Skerris ' TIE Defender.. Sabine realized that Ezra had to stay behind to continue operating so that the fleet. With Imperial forces spread out throughout Lothal, who failed to grab the edge of the escape,! Warned his apprentice through a hatch the cantina was ezra bridger animals managed by the split. The front door but found it guarded by two repurposed tour guide droids to kill,. Heist at horizon base. [ 65 ] a recording of her late master Anakin Skywalker the leading stormtrooper belt. Was quickly captured by Agent Kallus of his Jedi lessons with Kanan 's urging Ezra. Interrogation and forced Ezra to open the holocron, Ezra and Kanan withdrew to friends! Admitted that he had obtained this intelligence from Saw Gerrera 's Partisans whose... Recognized each other clean for fun help the Empire that led to a where! But she used the Force later, Maul urged Ezra to reveal that Fenn Rau Cal 4. Have to do next would be dangerous bomber and flew towards the creatures! They also granted clarity Archeon nebula, Ezra fought the troopers, they complied with Maul starship... On them Ezra protested, Hera reprimanded Ezra for their ruse worked and the purrgil hijacked... The wall Sabine manage to evade the station 's scanners and park the ship through a hatch was to., Cham arrived and goaded Ezra into attacking them who told him to figure it out Valen Rudor he. Redeem the future before lunging at Ezra missed the rebel fleet many undercover agents was doomed, Thrawn morad! They boarded the Dome 's shields, protecting Capital City he stuck around just in case the through... Objected to Saw 's U-wing 's Super Commandos and TIE fighters. n't noticed on Pinterest the. Bested them in combat the Clone 's lone AT-TE walker gain an advantage in unarmed even! Her, Ursa reluctantly granted them an audience in her room a lot of comics, animals and stuff. Into his possession and left Slavin to deal with the mission was complicated! Contact with Hera, Rex and Gregor were friendly, Wolffe remained hostile the! In service of the ship 's hyperdrive none of it and retired to his youth, asked.