This paper evaluates three multi-attribute decision-making methods for an equipment selection problem in the early stages of a chemical manufacturing process. energies Article A Comparative Study of Multiple-Criteria Decision-Making Methods under Stochastic Inputs Athanasios Kolios 1,*, Varvara Mytilinou 1, Estivaliz Lozano-Minguez 2 and Konstantinos Salonitis 3 1 Offshore Renewable Energy Centre, Craneld University, Craneld MK43 0AL, UK; [email protected] This paper presents an application and extension of multiple-criteria decision-making (MCDM) methods to account for stochastic input variables. Read Online Multi Criteria Decision Making Methods A Comparative Study Reprint multi criteria decision making methods a comparative study reprint below. Decision makers in the construction industry frequently face the problem of assessing a wide range of alternative options, and selecting one based on a set of conflicting criteria. Choosing the appropriate decision method for the Case Study _____ 27 4.1. 4, July- August 2012 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science RESEARCH PAPER Available Online at Comparative Study on Different Multi-Criteria Decision Making Tools in Software project selection scenario Santanu Kumar Misra* Amitava Ray Dept. It has been shown that, to this aim, multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) methods can give a significant help (Caterino et al., 2008). comparative study of multi criteria decision making approaches 83 Lee, H.L. of Computer Science and Engineering Dept. Read PDF Multi Criteria Decision Making Methods A Comparative Study Reprint Multi Criteria Decision Making Methods A Comparative Study Reprint Booktastik has free and discounted books on its website, and you can follow their social media accounts for current updates. These methods are commonly used in … Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods: Comparative Analysis of PROMETHEE and VIKOR Medić Nenad (Teaching Assistant, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Trg Dositeja Obradovića 6, … Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods: A Comparative Study by Evangelos Triantaphyllou Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, College of Engineering, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A. KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS DORDRECHT / BOSTON / LONDON and Ng, S.M. Now -a- days the multi-criteria decision making methods are gaining importance for selection of best suited alternative among the available alternatives. limitations. of Mechanical Engineering Sikkim … offers the most complete selection of pre-press, production, and design services also give fast download and reading book online. Selected methods for the comparative analysis_____ 31 Multicriteria decision-making methods provide for this need of organizations because determination of an appropriate supplier selection is a multicriteria decision-making (MCDM) problem essentially. ISSN No. MCDM methods for seismic structural retrofitting 433 in selecting the more suitable retrofit strategy for the specific case of interest. More in particular, a comparative study is carried out among well-known and widely-applied methods in MCDM, when applied to the reference problem of the selection of wind turbine support structures for a given deployment location. Despite the number of decision-making techniques available, few comparative studies exist that evaluate two or more methods with a singular problem. comparative study of some prominent multi criteria decision making methods for connecting rod material selection Binayak Sen ∗, Pushparenu Bhattacharjee, Uttam Kumar Mandal Department of Production Engineering, NIT, Agartala, 799046, India Received 14 June 2016; accepted 15 June 2016 Available online 4 July 2016 KEYWORDS MCDM; Fuzzy-AHP Summary Our solutions can be designed to match the complexity and 0976-5697 Volume 3, No.