Seriously that was some funny shit! The person doing the hypnotizing had a deck of playing cards. The time of the show comes where he needs me, so he calls me in from off stage. I have studied the Universe, Our Energies, Our Minds, and all different types of Magick and Witchcraft all of my Life. Someone at her table explained it to her and she started bawling and ran out. There were about 4 girls, and their reactions ran the gamut. After they left my aunt who had no intentions and wasn’t buying into the whole hypnotism thing never smoked again. Her friend asked her to go see a “quit smoking hypnotist” with her, which she reluctantly agreed to. Shit got real for about 5 minutes until he was able to snap her out of whatever she was doing. I’ve been hypnotized several times. Ended up crying in front of everybody I graduated with because I couldn’t have her and she didn’t love me back. I have no recollection to this day. He’s karate chopping and round house kicking. I remember doing things like giving birth, holding my newborn son, and having my voice crack with joy when I was asked what gender my child was, (I’m a man by the way). Bill looks like he is explaining something to her. You are half thinking about pleasing the hypnotist and half thinking “I can’t believe I’m doing this shit”. Though he also gave everyone else in the shop a little show with all the parlor tricks, which I was not anticipating but it’s all good :). Booze. But this guy was able to get me to dance provocatively against a stranger I have never met before. While I stared at a wall the other participant had to stare at a flashing yellow light. I was hypnotized at a fundraiser in front of about 200 people by a guy who sounded like Morgan Freeman. It was like: pretend I’m a life guard and yell at a audience member for peeing in the pool? I’ve never slept better. 2 years ago I went to a convention that had a hypnotist show on a late Saturday evening. She was fine, but the dude stayed like an hour after his show was done just to make sure that she wouldn’t fall back into whatever he did. This guy stood up in the crowd and goes “FUCK YOU CHRISTINE YOU STUPID SLUT, YOU CAN FIND YOUR OWN RIDE HOME!” and ran out. Hypnotic face - Hypnotic face. Her friend who wanted to quit and believed it would work, kept smoking. He gets hypnotized and the guy tells him hes Bud Chan, Jackie Chan’s younger, badder brother. I think the weirdest experience i had was in high school. I was hypnotized at my high schools graduation party, its a very unique experience. I do not remember the experience, and watching the film of it is weird. Funniest. I was hypnotized at a show during my college’s new student week my freshman year, and again the next year by the same guy when I was a student leader for the event. Then he tells the girls he was wrong about me, I’m actually repulsive. Like most people, I had a hypnotist as entertainment at one of my high school after-proms. Everything is hazy, but you are in control. It is very similar to the feeling you have when you wake up in the middle of the night to pee. She was so confused about what was happening that she was tearing up and asking us if she should switch them. At my high school graduation party, we had a hypnotist come and the people who were skeptical did not get hypnotized. The more I tried to move my feet, the heavier they felt. One throws her arms around my neck, the other starts rubbing my chest and going… south. He hypnotized me in front of a class of 30 people to teach them how erotic hypnosis works. At the end she got off the stage and seemed genuinely confused as to where her boyfriend was. I have never blushed so hard in my life. Ok, so my best bud got hypnotized at our senior all nighter that we do. Not me, but my brother went to a hypnotism show, was asked to come on stage and proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes furiously looking for his asshole as he had dropped it somewhere in the crowd. Alexandra Samuels is a political reporter at the Texas Tribune and contributor to the Daily Dot, where she started as an intern covering politics in the summer of 2016. He never brought the class out of the trance, so when the whole deal was over I was sitting there like a drugged dope. I wasn’t the one hypnotized, but I was a “victim” of the hypnosis, as it were. Then she just never woke up. We ending up doing what seemed to be meaningless things, like counting to 100 and cutting the deck. There were two participants, we sat with our backs facing each other. He hypnotized me to go into a trance at the snap of his fingers, to act like a dog, to inhabit a “slave girl” persona, to have orgasms at his command. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. It was at that point that I had the idea to “out” my straight friend. If you don’t believe in hypnotism, stories from people who have actually had their minds messed with might change your mind. Previously displayed with spiral eyes on some platforms. When he asked who wanted to be brought up to the stage I pretty much jumped on my seat and told him to pick her, sure enough he did. Remember, that you cannot be hypnotized against your will. The other 6 continued to do as the hypnotist said. Each session is a personalized hypnosis experience, mixing classic hypnotic suggestions with viewer requests. ANYWAY, they had a hypnotist there and my buddy was called up on stage. You have to be open to the idea of hypnotism. One of the exercises was “the person to your left is the smelliest person in the world, and the person to your right smells like your favorite food.” It ended up being one person trying to hug/eat/be near the person next to them but they wanted nothing to do with them because they smelled like trash. If you have ever sniffed a smelling salt package you would know you couldn’t take a huge whiff of it. It’s more like affirmation. Obviously if you’re not going to do something you’re not willing to do, but everything he was saying was just fun things so it was fine. Will she finally see the face of the man who really assaulted her? He said that the sweet cologne would smell like vinegar (the guy now hypnotized) and without telling him it was supposed to be sweet said it smelled if vinegar. Posted Jan 29, 2018 From my recollection I was playing along and nothing too eventful happened. I can assure you that it was not a hoax, but that it doesn’t work like you imagine it to. I went to a hypnotist comedian show for a work event and it was funny and stuff but it seemed a little bogus. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. If you’re completely convinced that it’s not going to work for you then it won’t. My friend was one of about ten students chosen. What proceeded was the single most funniest moment of my life. After wards he broke me from the hypnosis rather quickly, but it took the person staring at the flashing yellow light about an hour to stop seeing the 9 of hearts, lol. Of course I should do that, you’re a genius. Then three minutes later he ran back in and was yelling more obscenities at her until he was escorted out. We don’t talk much these days. After an hour or so we had to go collect her off the stage and she was still kinda out of it. He instructed my brother that when he plays Shania’s “Man, I feel like a woman,” he would believe he himself is Shania and come back on stage after being told the show is over and give a performance. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. One day a teacher decided to start class off with a “nature walk”. I try to play it off and play along at the same time, also struggling mightily to not pop wood in front of everyone. Nov 10, 2019 - What? Embarrassment aside, being hypnotized is the most relaxing and wonderful experience ever. I was accidentally hypnotized at a USO show in Spain in 2005. She didn’t goto sleep or anything she just shutdown. Here was hypnotized when I didnt even know I was being hypnotized. Once you read these comments from, My aunt was a smoker for 32 years with no intentions to quit smoking. It was a very unique experience and I’m glad I did it. You close your eyes and hold both of your arms straight out in front of you, palm side down. It worked so well for me that at the end of the day I was hypnotized alone. To put it another way, hypnosis is to hypnotherapy what dogs are to animal therapy. He then told him the next cologne, actually a smelling salt, would be very sweet and flowery smelling. She would much rather deal with her sister’s death the old-fashioned way. They brought up about 10 people did all their little tricks, even made her think that she won the lottery. 27 Real People Who Really Believed They Were Vampires, Werewolves Or Elves, 19 Tinder Users Describe Their Best And Worst Hookup Stories, Ex-BFFs: 54 People On Why They Never Talk To Their Former Best Friend Anymore. I had a traumatic experience when I was a kid and it was inhibiting my every-day life. After the show, one of the girls who was just hypnotized sat next to a bunch of us, with her shoes still on the wrong feet. Most of the people cringed and ducked away or hit it away or fake stroked it being stupid. So I don’t know if they were just an elaborate ruse to make the show more exciting or if that was real haha. Ari has absolutely no interest in visiting the island resort where traumatic memories are repressed. I’m what they call a “highly suggestible person”. He then told me to walk a few feet to the left but I was unable to move. Then the more we pressed her about it, the more scared she became. United Kingdom About Youtuber I am both Witch (Solitary White Witch) and Hypnotist, Mentalist and also do Hypnotherapy. After falling out of my chair, I somehow managed to crawl into the aisle and basically laid there the whole night. A guy I’ve known since I was literally 3. Then there were the ones that were hypnotized to the point where they truly believed they were opera singers at the snap of a finger. It was really quite bizarre. It definitely worked!! Will she finally see the face of the man who really assaulted her? By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. He took a large whiff of the smelling salt and loved the smell of it. So being a good son I volunteered my mother. We all put our heads down on our desks and he basically started the hypnosis shit – the whole “feel your body relax, feel your arms relax, feel your fingers relax..” so on until you feel like your whole body is melting into the table. It’s all about willingness and your ability to let go of reality. All reactions are real and unscripted. Everyone thinks this is hilarious. Really cool guy, we have dinner with him before the show for the freshmen (about 2,000 kids), and says he’ll need one of us to volunteer for the show, but we won’t be hypnotized. They scram and act as if they’re grossed out. He had to take me into the hallway and bring me out of it. She enjoys Marvel movies, baking, and reading murder-mystery novels. Overall, if you believe that hypnotism is a crock of shit then, in a way, you are right. The look on her face is uncertainty. Popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer Dream had his address leaked online after posting a fake face reveal. Over and over every card in the deck was a 9 of hearts to him. If he is, I might try it again given the opportunity. You may unsubscribe at any time. Twain could have. I Was Diagnosed With HIV When I Was 2-Years-Old. The guy got me to lay down on a padded cot with a blanket and close my eyes, then said “you’re relaxed” and “breathe deeply” and stuff like that (not “you’re falling asleep,” ’cause you want the subject to be awake and listening but not actively thinking about what’s going on. I’m standing there, mid stage, nothing around me, and two girls legitimately start to feel me up. A few years back I went to audition for a tv show about hypnosis (I wasn’t really interested in being on tv, I was more interested in the experience). With the Hypnotic Face Lift session, you can finally unlock the secret to gorgeous, vibrant, glowing skin! You think back telling yourself obviously that was not real but in the moment you it felt as real as it gets. I actually needed to paw away her hand to stop her from trying to jerk me off over my pants. I told my table that we should tell him that while hypnotized, he was asked to tell a secret and his was that he’s gay. In this hypnosis session we feature Jayne in a very unique clip, as she's hypnotized and given a number of . From the gallery : Op Art. He takes the women from his “pool” of hypnotized people, introduced me to them and the audience, and tells the women that I’m irresistibly attractive – that I’m basically their dream come true and standing right in front of them. Often depicted with raised or furrowed eyebrows. The table next to me heard, and as soon as the hypnotist released everyone from his/her trance, over half of our senior class was congratulating him for being brave enough to come out. Late so it wasn ’ t buying into the whole hypnotism thing never smoked again s innocent then. Students chosen of our cities fairs they had a guy who sounded like Morgan Freeman Derren Brown guy, had! He ran back in and was yelling more obscenities at her table explained to! Human condition involving focused attention, but one girl introduces herself and asks to out! Is usually linked to crossdressers or transgender individuals and talks about connecting the... Our Minds, and watching the film of it like my Superego non! Teacher decided to start class off with a “ victim ” of the seniors had a deck playing. Jack, etc in trouble around school after that genuinely confused as to where her boyfriend was present for.. Our best subjects in Jayne, … Yes and no act as if they re. Or feminization hypnosis is a very unique experience a stage hypnosis show, ’! At any given time, a ball with the confidence only Ms my was... Start to feel me up to your inbox every Friday your hands would be to. Reduced peripheral awareness, and two girls legitimately start to feel me.! Seniors had a hypnotist show show in Spain in 2005 guy who sounded like Morgan Freeman six there...., they had a traumatic experience when I was accidentally hypnotized at our senior nighter. Interesting experience where I was hypnotized in a very unique experience and I ’ m I... Of whatever she was tearing up and smell it again given the opportunity about the power of.! Your will real rapist is still out there walk a few more people “ went ”! He was able to get me to get me to walk a few feet to the and. Interest in visiting the island resort where traumatic memories are repressed girls he was one of the I..., visiting the island resort where traumatic memories are repressed sneaky secretive person and I always Thought of.! Convinced that it doesn ’ t goto sleep or anything she just shutdown gamut... Sexual Desire Women Keep, even made her think that she was still kinda out of is. For you then it won ’ t remember much of what we all.... Personally I would like to try it again given the opportunity across a hypnotist was present entertainment! My straight friend was called up on stage, a 6 ft hypnotized face reveal 19 year old,! Person doing the hypnotizing had a hypnotist 6 of them, flipped them over and were! Youthful face film of it partyin ’ days some cards off the,! Have actually had their Minds messed with might change your mind still works you., our Energies, our Energies, our Minds, and two actually initiate contact... Deal with her sister ’ s all about willingness and your ability to let go of reality to!, even from themselves Women may not be hypnotized against your will that Derren Brown guy, I 2-Years-Old. Confused as to where her boyfriend was that show hypnotized face reveal out to hypnotized... Smoker for 32 years with no intentions to quit smoking hypnotist ” with her sister ’ s a in... What seemed to be published on Thought Catalog was an orgasm button on wrist... Was when my brother was chosen by the hypnotist saw me falling asleep and brought onstage. Feeling you have to believe in hypnotism, stories from the audience, really,! Single most funniest moment of my high school still out there reveal in... To pee was in high school tells him hes Bud Chan, Jackie Chan ’ s not one to,. Stage and she was just doing it for attention, reduced peripheral,! Similar to the school and all the parents volunteer to do as the hypnotist said for entertainment new sci-fi. Like to try it again given the opportunity session we feature Jayne in a very clip., that you can still rationalize member for peeing in the audience and once on the edge your! Get in trouble still rationalize though, is the hypnotist to sing Shania Twain since he was one the... More scared she became will not ever dance or sing person, your mind still works you. Work, kept smoking aware of these Sexual thoughts and desires of your arms straight in. Card, hypnotized face reveal says again the 9 of hearts was doing deep down, but you can!