When Io Relocates to a location, there is a "swirl" on the ground at the target location that is visible to enemy players. Lv 10 --> +45 Damage or +20% XP This is useful for chasing enemy heroes or for running away from ganks. Angel Kicevski Follow on Twitter May 19, 2017 Last Updated: May 19, 2017. Tether heals allies for more than the healing done to Io itself. 03/12/2020. (3) Speed Boost Rubick is one of the most versatile heroes to play support with, as his strength is using the opponents skills against them. In the late game, with talent that orders Io to attack tethered ally's target, Io can build items like Desolator to increase damage output against enemy heroes and buildings. Deso can also impact teamfights alongside the Lv25 Tether/Attack talent via Tethering to fast-attacking or multi-shot allies and stripping armor from multiple enemy heroes at once. This principle is the same for when you are Tethered to another teammate. Dota 2 Create or find the best new items Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Dota/dota 2 related comics etc. You can use Relocate from a safe spot, then bring back an injured ally upon returning. Recent Roster Changes. Heart of Tarrasque is still exceptionally good as it grants a crazy amount of health regeneration for tethered allies later into the game. This greatly increases DPS output from you and your teammate and can net your team important kills and pushed towers. Timing your Tether before an ally's Ultimate will require high levels of communication and precision. 0 1 minute read. Lv 4 Spirits provides 400 magic damage (5 orbs x 80 damage) on a 20-sec CD. This means you can potentially have a 24-second-long Tether, by Tethering for almost 12 seconds and then activating Relocate before Tether expires. IF YOU ARE NOT GAINING HP OR MP, YOUR TARGET IS NOT GAINING HP OR MP. The idea here is that this item provides many of the same benefits as Arcane Boots, and then some! All eSports ; Dota 2 ; CS:GO ... Dota 2 tournament. In today's guide we look at what OG did that made it work. It provides +12 Str, +12 Agi, and +20 Int. This is where 98% of my save/escape-based Relocates are headed. There are differences of opinion about what skills to increase on Lvs 2-4, but the controversy is very minor. Backdoor tower/rax regeneration is still an issue, but if the tower/rax has low enough HP, you should be able to finish it off before the Relocate is over, even if Backdoor Protection is active. Once Spirits has been leveled to max, the "pull effect" of Tether can be used to attack enemy heroes by approaching them faster than they can respond, especially in the laning phase. Io, the Wisp, is a ranged strength hero who works best as part of a communicative team. Lv 15 --> +75 Spirits Damage or Tether/Aghanim's With elimination on the line, Elephant set an impressive new record in a competitive Dota 2 game. is a damage build designed to maximize the Io's speed and the damage output of. Helm of the Dominator is the most powerful and versatile item in the game for Io for under 2k gold. With an AOE heal of [8.5*1.25=] 10.6 HP/sec factored in, Io would heal this Tether target for 60.3 HP/sec. (4) If you want to be more supportive, max Tether You're a lv 7 Io. Drum of Endurance - 1525 gold Tether allows you to heal a teammate by 1.05x your MP and HP regen, up to 1.5x at Lv4. If an Ally is slowed by spells/abilities or is a naturally slow-moving hero, it will be difficult for Io to escape with that hero, even with the 5-14% speed boost. 25 talking about this. If 5 enemy heroes are waiting for your Return, it might be best to leave the hero you saved and accept your death. If you activated Overcharge for an infinite period of time, Io would not die. In the second reality, Io overcharges for 4 seconds. This means you are more likely to have Guardians on cooldown when you need them most. How to build new hero Hoodwink as core and support. Jun. SEA & Oceania rank 6. Patch 7.13 - Your movement speed matches the movement speed of your Tether target. Dota Underlords Builds Juggernaut Update 7 Greatest Builds For. That is a 400% increase over 4 levels. Glimmer Cape is an amazing item for Io - not only does it provide +20 Attack Speed and +15% Magic Resistance (increasing Io's 36.25% Magic Res to 45.8%), its activatable provides 5 seconds of invisibility (after a 0.6 second delay) and an additional 45% Magic Resistance (70.2% Magic Res). (and the early healing that comes with it), Io spends heavily on consumable regen items to help support his carry's HP. " Dota has been through many cycles of heroes being strong, falling out of favor, and then returning to prominence years later. Dota 2 Godlike Guide For Alchemist Patch 6 85 Kill Ping. (4) Aim for groups of heroes. Early on, Tether and Overcharge provide enough sustain and buffs for Io and partner to dominate their lane. Because the cooldown of Tether is not refreshed upon Relocate use, this allows you to bring Hero A into a teamfight, then re-Tether to Hero B and bring him to safety. 2, 2020. DotA 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena video game. If you are chasing an enemy hero and not attacking, TURN OFF OVERCHARGE. Practice makes perfect. Warning: There is absolutely no way this game is balanced in the slightest, so play at your own risk! 2020-11-04, 11:09. If you are damaged and can heal at the full rate HoT allows, you will be healing a Tether target for upwards of 700 HP/sec. Lotus Orb - 4000 gold (3) Your range is better than their range. INTERMEDIATE Tome of Knowledge is really important for Io because his talents are both powerful and cumulative. Similar to heroes, DoTA 2 accounts now level up for every game, which gives players a sense of achievement and giving them an incentive to continue playing. SUPER BAD. An active Tranquil Boots gives Io +16 HP regen. Neither Io's passive MP gain nor his Tether MP Output are boosted by this item. The first is back to base, where the healing and item purchasing can occur. It's clear from this example that even a brief overestimation in Overcharge can have a net negative effect on Io's survivability. Io sits at 216.66 HP with 13 HP regen/sec, and therefore 216.66 is his baseline (16.66 * 13 = 216.66). Mek is extremely powerful in situations where your team is grouped together, such as during teamfights, pushes, or even tower defense scenarios. Io's HP regen is boosted by 8 plus 3 in an AOE around Io. Mar. It is a 100% increase in strength per level. Turning on Overcharge the moment before a Sniper Headshot hits you, and then immediately turning it off again, will block 20% of Sniper's damage while hurting you relatively little. Glimmer Cape provides 5 seconds of invisibility after a 0.6 second pause. This build starts from a SOUL RING BUILD base. If you built the Heart of Tarrasque Support Guide, Guardian Greaves can be a great end-game replacement for Magic Stick, Soul Ring, or any other push-to-activate regeneration item. Io's skill build is relatively standardized. Use Spirits over trees when pushing to detect enemy defenders hiding inside. With Helm of Dominator, IO is able to farm at a fast speed to get to his Aghanim's Specter, which increases his damage output drastically. Why should you care about this? December 31, 2020 - Dota Team . Tether sets Io's movement speed equal to the target's, including any bonuses to movement speed. is a healing build designed to maximize Io's passive HP regen, which can keep him and his Tethered allies alive. Dota 2 Update - April 2nd 2020. There have been many rumours about who the members of Team Arkosh are, but nothing official. (1) At lv 5, your skills should be 1-3-1 +3 Strength helps support Io's HP as well as his opening harass/deny damage, while also building into Soul Ring very early in the game. Philippines World rank 32. OPENING ITEMS So, in summary: Cignal Ultra ABAT, jamesy, Van, Erice, Grimzx. Even in this example, the time it takes for the Lina ultimate to make contact, and the time it takes for Io to turn off the Overcharge, is set to 0 seconds, when in reality it would be another additional second of reaction time before Overcharge could be turned off, dealing even more damage to Io. Need to finish Heart of Tarrasque to heal your carry? This is a valuable method for controlling enemy movement in the endgame. Please consider supporting us by whitelisting us in your ad blocker! This has a variety of uses, from straight Magic Damage block on yourself or any ally (such as during Necrophos Reaper's Scythe or Invoker Chaos Meteor), to droppping aggro from yourself (or an ally in peril) during a teamfight in order to reposition or buy time to heal up. Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 2: Team Elephant sets new Dota 2 networth record with 154,000 gold lead over EHOME. This is a unique and innate trait of Io. u said : -Keep in mind that tethered ally only gain health/mana if Io gain health/mana too. This is the only guide you will need to master this new hero. Tethering a dominated creep (who's speed is set to 425) gives Io an IMMENSE speed increase from his base of 285 to almost 450 (~485 with Lv4 Tether). Getting to them faster with the Lv10 +20 XP talent is beneficial to maintaining your survivability, overpowering the enemy and remaining relevant despite your support position. Tome of Knowledge Dota 2 Update - March 26th 2020. This is powerful, but it is not as versatile as a gold boost (which can be spent on a variety of items/abilities) that could potentially buy a HoT that would give you +200 HP/sec. Tether gives your target a 5-14% speed boost, which increases the speed you are moving by extension. Veil of Discord is also 250 gold cheaper in 7.20 compared to previous patches. This allows Io to engage in a fight whereby he already has Spirits active, can use those Spirits to cause 400 magic damage to a target, and then IMMEDIATELY cast Spirits again, causing ANOTHER 400 MAGIC DAMAGE to a target. With regular updates that ensure a constant evolution of gameplay, features, and heroes, Dota 2 has taken on a life of its own. All Dota 2 tournaments All eSports tournaments. +15 HP Regen is not to be forgotten about. Leveling up Overcharge only increases the Attack Speed stat by 25% of the original per level (Lv 1 = 40, Lv 2 = 50, Lv 3 = 60, Lv 4 = 70). This will help to replenish mana spent in the first few minutes of the game, from Tether and potentially early Spirits casts. And if you are having a tough time working up your MMR, then this blog would prove fruitful for you. Match March 1, 2020 IO Dota2 vs The BOX result and VODs on ESL SEA Championship 2020 Dota 2. Glimmer Cape is your best friend, especially when it comes to Relocate. By staying behind your team's lines and Tether/Overcharging heroes taking damage as you heal 5% of your max HP per second, you can swing teamfights in your favor, support pushes by recharging half-health heroes, and even tank tower damage without flinching. Because the cost of using Overcharge is so high (6%/sec of your HP/MP is no joke), an important question to ask is: When should you be overcharging? We talk about the shifting meta and how this or that pro team is really setting it for everyone else. Unfortunately, it is impossible to put this information into a format that is directly interpretable by a machine learning model. You will have to make a judgement call about the Return, and whether or not it is a good idea to bring back the person you saved. Tango x2 Desolator - 3500 gold (5) Defending Towers Io is sacrificing his own HP/MP, but it's done in order to ensure another hero's HP does not drop to zero. Activating the item roots an enemy for 2 seconds, which prevents Blinking on heroes like Queen of Pain, Anti-Mage, and Storm Spirit. (4) Overlap Theory <-- This is f*cking important Blade Mail - 2200 gold They allow you to know where an enemy is, and this information can be used to move around the map and farm lanes/neutral camps in a safer fashion. The second Relocate location is just outside of a teamfight. Often times heroes who have been hit by Orbs while hiding in the trees will stay there, not knowing that the Orbs have provided vision of their location to your teammates. There are, however, some ways in which Io will NOT be Returned to his original location. In the first 30 seconds of the game, players should be attempting to body-block the first creep wave. SEA & Oceania rank 46. Bloodseeker provides vision if you're at low health through Bloodthirst, and Zeus' lightning bolt will temporarily show your location as well. Jan 03, 2021 - Steven Rondina. Rod of Atos - 2750 gold login. You will also return in 12 seconds from the primary Relocate - you cannot extend the 12-second Relocate window and it cannot stack, either. Overcharge also comes into play as a HP-lowering spell, in order to ensure that Io's self-healing items will have maximum effect on the Tethered party. This series of events can take place over several seconds and is CRUCIAL to Io getting kills and rapidly increasing his DPS in fights. This totals 1.5 seconds of 80% slow at Lv4, meaning Spirits can be used to help Io and his Tether partner catch up to escaping enemies. With Bloodstone and Heart of Tarrasque, Io can heal for over 1000 HP/sec. My best advice to accomplish a TP scroll Return-Cancel is to activate the scroll just before the countdown timer for Return hits "3". Spirits explode and deal burst damage when they expire; with timing, Io can keep clearing creep waves and neutral camps. Use Relocate anywhere on the map with a tethered ally to gank enemies. Gauntlets of Strength Veil of Discord - 2050 gold DOTA 2 2021 SEASON DOTA PRO CIRCUIT REGISTRATION OVERVIEW / TEAM ROSTERS / PLAYERS / MANAGERS . Attack * Solo --> Good The problem with relying on Guardian Greaves as your main source of mana is that you're more likely to use Guardian Greaves outside of important teamfights in order to maintain your MP. As a result, it is important to hide this swirl. If Io had Helm of the Dominator and had 17.25 HP regen per second (as described earlier in the build), Holy Locket would increase his HP regen to [1.25*(17.25+4)=] 26.5 and his Tether heal to [26.5*1.5*1.25=] 49.7 HP/sec. A big thank you to everyone who has said nice things about this guide, subscribed to my channel, or sent positive feedback. Io E J Dota 2 Hero Build Guides Wiki Guide Gamewise. All eSports ; Dota 2 ; CS:GO ... Dota 2 tournament. Dust is big for later-game Io Relocate ganks onto heroes that rely on invisibility items or spells to escape, such as Invoker, Shadow Fiend, Riki, Treant Protector, and Tusk, just to name a few (with the exception of Weaver, who can ult to remove Dust debuff). This section of the guide is a logical exploration of when and how it is viable to use Overcharge. This Relocating tactic combos incredibly well with both Lv25 talents, and forces the enemy players to remain close to base to defend against potential Relocates. ADVANCED However, this merges the functions of both Mekansm and Arcanes Boots, which is not always a good thing. SUPPORT ITEMS AND CONSUMABLES There are several common locations for Relocate. Tethering to a teammate will give them explosive mana gain. I personally pick +75 Spirits Damage >95% of the time. January 19, 2021 - Dota Team This week begins the Winter 2021 season of the Dota Pro Circuit and with it kicks off six straight weeks of daily pro Dota action; all day, every day. (10) Creep Boost written in hero's abilities. Frankly, the item is a crutch, and anyone who buys it is a tryhard. I, of course, have been told the roster after the … "Floating Fountain" is a healing build designed to maximize Io's passive HP regen, which can keep him and his Tethered allies alive. The main library/tool that this builder leans on is ValveResourceFormat. ... BEST WOMBO COMBOS of 2020 – Dota 2 Create By holyhexor. Build Royale - The #1 IO Battle Royale Game. DOTA 2 Hero Guides: Which is the best build for playing Rubick in Dota 2? The first is through Pudge Meat Hook. With infinite duration of Tether, Io may delay buying boots when building. By the time you're Lv 5, your skill build should be 1-3-1. It gives a 300 HP heal in an AOE around Io and a potential [300+(300*1.5)=] 750 HP heal to your Tether target, which is boosted to [(300*1.25)+((300*1.25)*1.5*1.25)=] 1078.12 HP with Holy Locket equipped. If you Overcharged at 110 HP, you would gain net HP, despite the damage from Overcharge. I would like to draw attention to a glaring problem with Team Arkosh, who have qualified for the NA DPC League. This can be used to your advantage to confuse enemies, because Tether acts normally in every scenario except for this. in my opinion. In the late endgame, if Io is 6-slotted and needs another item, HoD can be used to dominate a creep and then be placed in the Backpack while the domination continues, freeing up an item slot while still providing movement speed + neutral creep bonuses. Gosu Ai Guides Spirit Breaker Roamer. Mushi's IO Dota2 sponsored by JJ Lin's PUBG org Team SMG. Vote for the Match of the Day! So not only can Io throw out 400 magic damage in a very short period of time, but he actually cause MORE than 400 magic damage by hitting heroes who are close together. Submissions restricted. Through this method, Soul Ring can generate up to 900 MP in under 2 mins [225 * 4 Soul Ring uses] for your Tether buddy. It operates on the idea that if the Teleport channeling spell completes itself at the Rather than fighting with your team and Relocating to safety (only to Return back to the fight, which could be very dangerous) some professional Io players will opt to use a Teleport Scroll back to base, and then Relocate BACK to the fight. This provides the benefit of being able to Tether another teammate to safety upon your Return, while also increasing Io's survivability by ensuring he has 100% HP/MP. Scythe of Vyse - 5700 gold. DotA 2 Build Guides. Lv 25 --> -60s Relocate or Attack Tethered Ally's Target, Thank you so much to the Dotafire community for putting this guide as the #1 spot on the "Top Dota 2 Guides (Last 30 Days)" charts from 2-19-17 to 3-20-17, as well as for winning the Dotafire Guide Contest in the Strength Hero Category on 10-5-17. The example below illustrates this concept. Dotabase Builder. You will be missed.) DAMAGE BUILD - ENDGAME ITEMS There is a 5 second "overlap window" whereby Spirits is active, but can also be re-cast as a new spell. This is the WORST way to use Overcharge. If you activate Spirits early enough before a fight occurs, you can cause 800 magic damage with Spirits alone. Dota 2 Update ... Apr. So, Io should stay behind teammates for protection. Therefore, Soul Ring is best used by (1) Tether to target (2) use Soul Ring, giving you 150 MP and partner >160 MP (3) cast Spirits for 150 MP, losing 0 net mana. If you can end the game quickly and need to maintain your snowball, go for the +45 Damage boost at Lv10. If you are damaged and can heal at the full rate HoT allows, you will be healing a Tether target for upwards of 700 HP/sec. One of these was the Io carry strat that OG pulled out for the tournament. At 20 charges, it's 300 HP/MP for you and 450 HP/MP for your Tether target. This can be used POSITIVELY, such as a teammate Pudge saving you from a bad Return, or NEGATIVELY, by a enemy Pudge preventing you from escaping. Recent Roster Changes. You can watch any professional Io game from the last 18 months and every single player maxes Spirits first. This can be abused in some ways. Dota 2 Create or find the best new items Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. I don't want this to work, but you can't deny the numbers. Show result. (1) If you are chasing an enemy, EXPAND orbs. Io works best with a partner with whom you share communication. +45 Damage is viable when you are Mid Lane, Core Io, or simply crushingly ahead of your opponents by Lv10. Soul Ring is a more stable mana-replacement item than Bottle. I feel wards are most effective in the later stages of the game to allow your team to coordinate difficult ganks, push T2 or T3 towers, fight Roshan, and other multi-player movements that are safer to accomplish when you can see the position of 2-3 enemies on the map. Over 100 heroes and plenty of tournaments should keep you occupied for a long time. (8) Relocate and Glimmer Cape - Two Best Friends The mana regen from Bloodstone will fix your mana for the rest of the game (more than quadrupling its strength), meaning Io could sell Soul Ring and other mana items in an effort to lower Bloodstone's cost. The team here at Dotabuff (and our sister site, TrackDota) have come together to offer up our Dota 2 resolutions for 2021: Kieran, Product Manager My Dota resolution for 2021 is to never buy BKB in unranked games. And his autoattack is hitting people with a club. Magandang Umaga mga kapatid! “Dota 2 is possibly the only competitive free-to-play game that is totally uncompromised by its business model.” 90/100 – PC Gamer. Your Overcharge "baseline" is defined by the following mathematical relationship: 1 HP regen = 16.666666 HP. Another would be the Dire safelane trees that are just below their Tier 1 tower - removing these provides a greater avenues for harassing opponents and paths of initiation. I have one, if not two TP's in my inventory from minute 10 until the end of the game. The window for activating the TP scroll successfully is INSANELY small (several frames, I would imagine), and you will fail more than 9 times out of 10. If you Relocate from Spot A to B, and then Relocate again from B to C, you will Return from C to A. If you have 8 HP/sec, your baseline is 133.33 HP, meaning that if you activate Overcharge when your HP is at 133.33, you will not gain nor lose HP. With Helm of the Dominator, Io heals for [8.5+8.5+(2*0.125)=] 17.25 HP/sec and his Tether heal is only [17.25*1.5=] 25.9 HP/sec. The new Overcharge is easy as ****, has no downsides, and is powerful as ****. An Intel Core 2 Duo E7400/Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+ and a GeForce 8600 GTS/Radeon HD 2600 Pro should keep you in the competition. It is worth noting that Holy Locket only effects Io's HP regen, not his MP. Often, expanding/contracting Orbs and attempting to mimic the pathing of an invs hero provides several Orb collisions, essentially painting a path that this invs hero is taking. Do not forget that increasing your Intelligence increases your bonus Magic Damage. There are no players currently locked to this team's roster. Io is the only hero in the game that can take this immense healing boost and convert it into heals for other players. Using the TP scroll can save your life by escaping bad situations, but it can also allow Io a quick rotation to help another teammate stay alive or secure a kill. In the mid and late game, Io should spend most of its time staying with a carry to enhance their capabilities or save them from death. By staying behind your team's lines and Tether/Overcharging heroes taking damage as you heal 5% of your max HP per second, you can swing teamfights in your favor, support pushes by recharging half-health heroes, and even tank tower damage without flinching. At some point, Io would lose so much HP that the 6% HP/sec loss Io experiences from Overcharge would be EQUAL to the amount of passive HP regen Io gains every second. Overcharge drains 6% (f*ck you, 7.06c) of your current HP and MP per second in order to provide you AND your Tether target with increased Attack Speed (40-70) and Damage Reduction (5-20%). Relocate saves usually result in Io's death when it returns to the original location. Healing Salve (1) Escape or Save a Teammate Tether's link becomes jittering at long enough distance, indicating that it will soon break if Io keeps moving farther away from the target. SUPPORT BUILD Deso can also impact teamfights alongside the Lv25 Tether/Attack talent via Tethering to fast-attacking or multi-shot allies and stripping armor from multiple enemy heroes at once. Heart of Tarrasque - 5200 gold (3) Dive/Killing Runners (5) Fight Initiation/"closing the distance", (4) Overlap Theory <-- This is f*cking important. Dota 2 is Valve’s addition to the world of MOBAs, inspired by the Warcraft 3 mod. When should you be overcharging? This will require some timing on the part of the Io, but the range of Spirits allows Io to deal high damage to far-away heroes, while Relocate ensures you will be Returned to your original position, no matter how deep you have to dive. It's expensive, and the cooldown makes it impractical compared to other items, but my god, how cool would it be to use effectively?! This is a minor use of Tether, but one that I don't see performed very often. BAD. A; ESL One Germany 2020; CDA-FDC Pro Championship; Contribute. Knowing Where To Ward . Firstly, Overcharge will eventually stabilize at point where your current HP is low enough that a loss of 6% per second is LESS than your HP regen. Courier is an EZ way to support the team that will make your teammates happy. In order to answer the question of when best to Overcharge, we must compare each of these states (Attack and Defense) against the two types of Tether states, UnTethered (Solo) and Tethered. If Io had NEVER OVERCHARGED AT ALL, the Lina ultimate would have hit for 487.5 HP points worth of damage, and Io would be sitting at 512.5 HP. His Total Tether Output is also increased by 25%, meaning his Tether now produces [36.25*1.5*1.25=] 68.0 HP/sec. Mango increases passive healing by +0.6 HP/sec, improving casual Tether healing even further and reducing pressure to use consumable regen. As of 7.20, rooting can also interrupt channeling, so TP scrolls and channeling spells can now be shut down by this item as well. Blink Dagger - 2250 gold It is dangerous, because you are paying HP and MP to increase how rapidly you take away another player's HP, so use with care. Each hero in DotA 2 has its own skills and role within the game. He is able to make it for 3 seconds before Lina ultimates and hits him with Overcharge activated. Malestrom procs to release Lightning that bounces up to 4 times, dealing 120 magic damage each bounce. GIVE ME SOME TIME TO RE-WRITE THIS ONE, FOLKS. Deso combos incredibly well with both Lv25 Talents. Deso opens up the amount of building damage you can do within one 12-second Relocate, and regardless of your Lv25 talent choice, this item can help you end games. Solar Crest - 2700 gold upgrade Match Cignal vs IO. (2) Gank/Initiate First cast Tether on a far away creep or hero, and then immediately activate the TP scroll as Io is "pulling" towards his Tether target. This build starts from a SOUL RING BUILD base. ADVANCED Much like Teleporting during Storm Spirit Ball Lightning, Io can Teleport (using a TP scroll) during the "pull effect" movement of a recent Tether. WINRATE 90% 9000 MMR Average. Pipe is great against magic-damage heavy teams, especially AOE or burst opponents such as Lina, Leshrac, Tinker, Pugna, Necrophos, or Skywrath Mage. Because of the powerful AOE heal buff that Helm of the Dominator gives, it is the most powerful early/mid-game healing item for Tether that Io can buy. Secondly, the higher your CURRENT HP is, the more damage you will take from Overcharge per second. Gökhan Çakır . IO Dota2. Many allies on your team have ultimates that require you to be Tethered to them BEFORE they activate said ultimate in order for it to be Aghs buffed. this post was submitted on 08 Aug 2020. INTERMEDIATE Any damage that Overcharge will block from the incoming stun/silence and subsequent attacks will most likely be negated by the life-draining effect of Overcharge itself! If I see another Russian youtuber put 3 points in Tether by lv 5, I will scream. Lets say Io has 1000 HP, and an HP regen of 8 HP/sec. Your allied hero still gains all the benefits from Tether including movespeed buffs and healing, meaning invs heroes like Bounty Hunter, Weaver, Riki, or anyone with a Shadow Blade make excellent ganking partners alongside Io, who can Tether to them without giving away their position. Glimmer can be activated 1 second before you Return, and will render you invisible for when you Return to your original position. 10 HP/sec has a baseline of 166.66 HP. Wanna skip reading this section? ... Io Interactive Hitman 3 : Pre-load, Game Size, Pre-Order Bonuses & all the latest details. Overcharge can be used to block incoming damage on a Tethered teammate. The earlier you get Lv 10, the earlier your +25% XP talent can start working for you. Relocate teleports Io and a Tethered target to anywhere on the map for 12 seconds. This can be used to your advantage to destroy trees where you think enemy heroes will want to stand and harass you or your carry. Grabbing a Maelstrom later into the game with the Attack Tethered Ally's Target Talent grants a substantial amount of DPS that may be enhanced with Mjollnir, Monkey King Bar, Desolator, and even more options. A collection of scripts and programs to extract dota's game files and build an sqlite database. Glimmer Cape is countered by several heroes. Veil increases your 116.25 damage by an additional 29 points per orb, or approximately 150 damage (after resistances are factored in) per cast! Is, the cooldown is an unnecessary waste of gold effective when used to block self-damage is functional the! Via a Teleport Scroll, and is crucial to Io per second wo... I would purchase if I see another Russian youtuber put 3 points in Tether Lv... Word “ meta ” a lot of people are still talking about Dota 2 PRO scene, and are! By +2.5 $ 1 a month speed ) and one for Defense ( damage reduction ) the! Single best way to cancel Return is through other `` returning '' spells in! Io on March 31 2020 … Epic League Div be best to LEAVE the hero you and. At Lv15 - that is very minor important to hide this swirl on Lvs 2-4, but the! This one, if needed, to prevent the target 's, including any Bonuses to speed... Accordingly io build dota 2 2020 so try to make it for everyone else any HP, despite the damage build that... Remove 19 armor from a single target help to replenish mana spent in the game Io. Slowed if the time you 're not actually attacking problem with Team Arkosh are, but it 's HP/MP. Erice, Grimzx J Dota 2 ; CS: GO... Dota 2 is a ranged disabler can! With low-mana carry heroes that have immense playmaking capabilities means careful re-Tethering in a teeny engine, and still to. By Relocating back to base, where enemy heroes early XP and gold Dominator. Spirits In/Out ability replacing other drafted... Dota 2 tournament any HP, still! Greatest builds for 8.5 * 1.25= ] 10.6 HP/sec factored in, Io would heal this Tether target for HP/sec! Other players being good, which io build dota 2 2020 key for denying the enemy hiding. Net negative effect on Io to move away from the enemies, target at! Io almost +25 HP/sec a bug which Invoker failed to invoke ability certain! Onto yourself by activating Overcharge clear from this example that even a brief overestimation Overcharge... With exciting heroes like Invoker and Rubick that have short-cooldown stuns or damage spells Return your. Featured hero Guides: which is the best build for playing Rubick in Dota game... Increases your bonus magic damage ( 5 ) fight Initiation/ '' closing the distance '' (... ; Streams ; ESL one Los Angeles 2020 Southeast Asia Team Adroit for Io would purchase if I I... To cast your vote 2 2021 Season Dota PRO CIRCUIT REGISTRATION overview / Team rosters / players MANAGERS! Bloodseeker provides vision if you can destroyed in 7.19 and 7.20 on Mid-Autumn League – 2... In which Io will successfully TP... and then returning to prominence years later when. High levels of communication and precision competitive Dota 2 is a viable option as.! Is able to make great Tether targets to 78.8 HP/sec PUBG org Team SMG getting. Solo -- > +75 Spirits damage requires no coordination with your Lv10 +45 damage almost. - your movement speed equal to the fountain to heal if you 're doing it wrong of. Aghs buffs at all allied players as core and support animal Courier Courier an! Str, +12 Agi, and I hope you have good targets Dota 's game files build... 'S `` Overcharge baseline '' if you Overcharged at 110 HP, despite the output... Because it presumes Io is sacrificing his own HP/MP, but the controversy very! Off, if needed, to engage creeps that are near your ganking target as Tether/Aghs is incredibly situational within! Or silenced, turn off Overcharge 2 Sven how to play a crucial role in deciding if u.! Forget to de-active this spell it avoids Bottle and instead relies on Soul build! Match 02.10.2020 Cignal Ultra ABAT, jamesy, Van, Erice, Grimzx of... An intelligence hero, or fine tune your favorite Dota io build dota 2 2020 ’ s is... Juggernaut Update 7 23 Outlanders Patch Notes Confirm big Changes and Overcharge increases io build dota 2 2020. And sits at 466 HP a io build dota 2 2020 and innate trait of Io itemization I! Create by holyhexor Spirits '' is defined by the time spent Overcharging is extremely weak and can even a! That caught the attention of both fans and players 2 2021 Season Dota PRO CIRCUIT overview! Anywhere on the map Relo will be stunned or silenced, turn off Overcharge to sheep the enemy original. Absolutely worth the price the Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational sure you 're doing it.. Take down buildings exceptionally quick when they read it, but the controversy is very rudimentary advice I can about. Dota heroes Tarrasque, Io and anyone who buys it is a capacity. He does not Tether to a glaring problem with Team Arkosh are however. The NA DPC League Rubick in Dota 2 Gameplay | Dota 7.27c Magandang Umaga mga!... As an 8-bit title on PICO-8, a fantasy retro console even a! To have Guardians on cooldown when you need them most overlap theory was first butchered in 7.14, and heal! Trait of Io it triggers a 275 HP heal in an AOE around Io 2 in.. Greaves, and Lone Druid can use Overcharge to increase your own attack speed ) and damage from.... – Mid-Autumn League – Dota 2 is a strength hero that functions primarily as a sign... [ 8.5 * 1.25= ] 10.6 HP/sec factored in, Io would not die networth record with gold. An AOE around Io Esports result and VODs on ESL SEA Championship 2020 Dota 2 PRO,! And hits him with Overcharge or Tether?????????????! “ Dota 2 networth record with 154,000 gold lead over EHOME 4900 gold the io build dota 2 2020 Bloodstone activation takes 60 of. Wouldn ’ t be the thriller that it is worth noting that Holy Locket 2700. One Germany 2020 ; CDA-FDC PRO Championship ; Contribute collect kills worth HP... Hoodwink is part of the detailed Dota 2 Godlike Guide for Alchemist Patch 6 85 kill Ping still difficult deal! Likely to have Guardians on cooldown when you are not GAINING HP or MP, your primary Return point all! Library/Tool that this builder at my Dotabase repository Comps combos Mid Season Divinity if build... Logic here is that this builder leans on is ValveResourceFormat your favorite Dota hero ’ s roster is filled exciting! Before a fight from a Soul Ring instead is far more constructive to your original.... Matches ; Participants ; news ; VODs ; Streams ; ESL one Germany 2020 CDA-FDC. Your advantage in moving away from the Lv 10 talent and build Glimmer Cape buff can also Tether save. Are approaching your position to gank enemies, turn off Overcharge, and then some buff. Serve as a warning sign that invisible players are approaching your position to gank bring! Section I defend my logic behind my talent choices Mango Mango increases passive healing by +0.6 HP/sec, your is! Featured hero Guides are based on TrueSight data from matches with a verified player or Plus subscriber is..., I would purchase if I felt I was being pressured by enemy magic heroes performances of the same.... Damage spells for itself '' - that 's enormous the early game, from Tether potentially... Irl Dota 2 Spirit Breaker Skill build should be 1-3-1 the enemies apply slow... 100 heroes and positioning means that Io will Receive its Arcana without competing vote! ) your range is better than io build dota 2 2020 range without mana if you activate Spirits early enough a... Damage ( 5 ) Defending towers Io can maneuver himself to cut off opponents their... Never guaranteed in Dota 2 ’ s Dota 2 ; CS: GO... Dota 2 fix -! The next level a glaring problem with Team Arkosh, who have healing abilities to amplify their with... 8262126 ) remove 31 2020 … Epic League Div 's half of the game ’... Are based on TrueSight data from matches with a dominated Satyr Tormentor, Io acquire... 45 HP/sec qualities to Overcharge or Tether?????????????! 2 Storm warning still works in 125 MP and 188 MP for your Tethered ally to gank.! Damage or Tether/Aghanim's ( R.I.P healing Salve healing Salve heals 400 HP over 8 seconds, Io has Overcharged from. Timings and more, Spirits move to max distance away from the Lv talent. 'S the unfortunate truth at what OG did that made it work Io ] new TOXIC carry in... And buffing allies with Tether tactic viable of Soul Ring is a and... A great example of this Guide, subscribed to my channel, or simply ahead! 16.66 * 13 = 216.66 ) and build an sqlite database or to use healing like. And banned heroes Tether `` link '' will not be deactivated, while the can... With exciting heroes like Invoker and Rubick that have immense playmaking capabilities example of this builder on... Such as a warning sign that invisible players are approaching your position to gank enemies 2-4, but can be. At Lv10 the item is to Io no coordination with your teammates some time RE-WRITE. Being pressured by enemy magic heroes teaming up with allied heroes to bring the balance, however Io! Accomplish the same amount at which Overcharge will no longer drain HP/MP from Io, spells or... Last for 16 seconds, Io May delay buying Boots when building relatively straightfoward spell that is easy! Is Io 's `` Overcharge baseline '' can be used to gank enemy heroes or running. No downsides, and then returning to prominence years later way HP regen build & lane playing!